Christmas Party Greenery

Friday, December 21, 2012

I love that a healthier attitude is being embraced at my work place. Today we had our annual Christmas luncheon, and this year we had a baked potato bar and a taco bar. All the meats are super lean and there are TONS of veggies!

I had two tacos with lots of lettuce, tomatoes, beans and cheese and a nice big green salad. There are cookies and a chocolate cake, as well, but since I'm sick I'm not really that tempted by them.

It's just really nice to see veggies, lots of veggies, on offer at a company Christmas party. Last year, we had heavy cream based soups and chili with bread bowls - carb city.

I'm so sleepy and stuffy and blah from this headcold I have. I was still going to try to exercise, but that's just not happening. My voice is totally gone, my chest is full of crackly fire and I just wanna sleep. So that's what I'm off to do - gonna finish up one last work thing and then go home and have a nap.
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