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It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

Friday, December 21, 2012

I know it's been thrown around that today, 12/21/12 is the end of the world. It's doubtful. At most, I believe it's the start of an incredible change. What the change is, how it starts, and the exact moment it starts probably won't be known until the change has affected us and we look back to find where it started. But that doesn't mean you can't make today the day that you decide to change your life and the lives of those around you. Think about this:

What do you wish for? What changes can you make and what plans can you put into action to make those wishes come true?

What do you need? What can you do to meet your needs (not your wants)? If there is a significant barrier, who can you ask for help?

Who around you needs your help to get what they need? There are people everywhere in this world who need help. Have you opened your eyes and really looked around you to find someone that can be helped with a small - or large - gesture of goodwill?

How can you make the world a healthier and happier place? Even a small act can make a difference. Can you spare a moment, a dollar, or a word to support positive changes?

Is there a reason you haven't done something you want to or need to do? Examine the reason(s) and debunk them. Is there really any reason big enough to completely derail a hope for the future?

By searching within yourself you will find answers for so many of the questions you have. You are the #1 person affecting your life and the #1 person who can change EVERYTHING for you. You are the only person who chooses how you feel, how you act/react to outside forces, and whether you are making a positive or negative impact on those around you. No one can do this for you and no one can force you to be someone you're not. It is completely up to you to decide how you will project yourself to the world.

If you knew for certain fact that the world was ending today or that you alone would die today, what would you do differently? Would you treat others better or worse? Would you give up or would you try to fight it in any way possible? Would you beg forgiveness from everyone you've ever hurt or would you tell off every person who has ever hurt you? How people act in times of crisis often shows who they really are as a person. What if you made your choices about how to spend the last day on earth, but then the sun came up on a new day and you had to explain why you did what you did? Would others understand and respect your choices or would they feel betrayed and hurt? How would you react if your choices caused you to get every hope, wish, and dream you've ever had, or if your choices destroyed everything good you've ever had?

No one ever knows for certain how much time they have left before tragedy strikes. Any bad event can happen unexpectedly and no one knows what day is their last day to prove to the world who they are. We must make every day be a reflection of the person we want to be, because last words and last moments can last forever in those around us.

Make today a day of great change for you. Choose what kind of person you want to be and work to be that kind of person. I guarantee people will take note and choose for themselves if you will be a help or a hinderance to them being the person they want to be.

Forgive yesterday, hope for tomorrow, do better today - because every day is a chance to do a little better.
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    emoticon chris
    1687 days ago
    That is a lot to think about. Questions I think we want to answer but always put off because they aren't as simple as we'd like them to be. Still, good things to think about.

    1694 days ago
    A wise message. -- Lou
    1698 days ago
    Very beautifully written! Well done! I, too, hope for an era of peace, love, acceptance, etc., to come over our entire world. I kind of suspect that is why there's been so much hatred the last few years. People are recognizing the bigotry and bullying and other malicious behaviors are being rooted out and killed like a cancer so the people who live by these behaviors are having to fight harder to hang on. The treatment may be painful but when it's done and all we are left with is a peaceful, loving, healing world it'll be worth it!
    1699 days ago
    Actually, how a person acts in a crisis has a lot to do with how they were treated as a child. If you had a good childhood you are much more apt to react better - handle things better, than if you grew up horribly abused and barely surviving your childhood. Or perhaps they have gone through some horrific experience as adults that you or I might not be doing as well after if we went through it.

    So, when we make a judgement on a how a person handles something, keep in mind you don't have a clue of what that person has experienced as a child, or what they are going through in the current day. Maybe it's something you wouldn't be handling even as well as they, even if you don't think they are handling something well...

    Sometimes tortured souls are that way because they have been tortured by life or war, and are really tough, brave people if you suspend judgement and look below the surface.
    1699 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/21/2012 12:17:05 PM
  • CRAZY_KAT_1984
    What an inspirational blog! emoticon Lots of food for thought & it really struck a chord with me.
    1699 days ago
    I wouldn't change a thing. I would make sure to tell everyone how much I loved and cared for them though. Sometimes we tend to take people's presence in our lives for granted until it is too late.
    1699 days ago
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