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Because no one ever said "Gee, I wish I hadn't go to the gym today..."

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Today was the last day that the gym at school is open until the new year. I really didn't want to do anything today-especially work out. I usually get my workouts done in the morning, so as morning turned to afternoon, I slowly resigned myself to the fact that I might just not workout today. Around 2:00, and after reading motivational articles on pintrest, I decided that just because I've been eating upwards of 3000 calories for the last few days, that doesn't mean that I should give up and simply not exercise. This isn't all or nothing. Just because I can't eat all organic, or because I've been having to resort to convenience foods, that doesn't mean that I have to just give up. In spite of eating crappy, I've at least been tracking it all right? I ended up working out for 2 hours. I'm definitely glad I did. I overcame my own negative thoughts, sucked it up, and just did it. And then I did it again for 60 more minutes.

We're going to be staying with my parents from Sunday through the first. My sisters also both now live with my parents again as one broke up with her boyfriend and moved home, and the other is going to be going to school full time and doesn't want to spend the extra much-needed money on rent. That's not my problem. My problem is that my sisters are both my eating buddies. We always get together, and we just eat. It's awful really. I'm actually glad the oven at my parents' house is busted so we can't bake any cakes or cookies. I guess I'm just worried that I won't be able to control myself, or keep up with my exercises. The weather here in Oregon is pretty crappy, and being that tomorrow is the first day of winter probably means that if it's not windy, rainy, or freezing, it'll be snowing, freezing, and windy. That's not really outside exercise friendly. I do plan on bringing my workout clothes anyway. I want to see if I can at least get some break in the weather to go for a jog, or do something beneficial for myself. Adam's parents also live in Keizer, and I know they have pretty good workout equipment. They did offer their garage to me while we were living with my parents. I never took them up on that offer, but maybe they'll let me use it while we're at my parents house. I don't want to have to wait until the new year to make positive changes for myself. I shouldn't have to. I want to make these changes now. I want to continue working out-especially because I always feel so much better after. I am thinner now than I was at this time last year, and I am so excited because I can wear my size 16 jeans again-and they're actually not tight or anything!

Like I said, it's not soley about the clothes (but it's really motivating to be able to wear clothes that were at one time too tight). It's really about being able to move around comfortably, and right now I'm excited by the fact that people see me running, and I just don't 'look' like I should be able go as far as I do.

Once I have access to a gym again, I do plan on exercising more. I feel like only 60 minutes of cardio actually isn't enough anymore. I am going to start by exercising 2 hours a day 2 times a week, and then the remaining 3-4 days I will just do an hour. I will work my way up slowly. The reality is last year I had gotten to a point where 60 minutes wasn't enough, and I kinda gave up at that point because I plateaued. I can't do that again. I don't want to do that again. I'm going to also slowly work on the food. I know if I do it all at once, I'm just setting myself up for failure. My goal for 2013 is to get under 200 pounds by my 27th birthday on August 22nd. I know that so long as I stick with a reasonable plan, I can do at least that. If I reach my goal weight within 2013, I'll be quite happy. I know I can do it. I worked hard in 2011 and overcame some serious hurdles that were necessary in order to really make some progress. I slowed down, and just enjoyed the view for the majority of this year while maintaining it, and now I'm ready to hit the proverbial road again.

I feel good. I know I'm ready.
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    Glad you were able to get a work out!! Instead of increasing the length of time you're working out, maybe change what you're doing? I don't know what you do...but if you do treadmill, maybe to incline and speed variables- really kick it up for a few minutes, then bring it down and so on. That definitely will bust out anything you've got stored! Way to go on continuing working out though!
    1910 days ago
  • MICHAEL832
    Here's a quick, easy, healthy way to avoid overeating in lieu of the smorgasbord of calorie dense Holiday food: eat a piece of fruit and a serving of vegetables BEFORE you begin eating "normal" food, along with a full glass of water. Maybe even wait 10min before eating normal junk. I've been doing this with apples/bananas and peas/broccoli recently and it works great!

    Just don't overdue it on the exercise lol, NOTHING is worse than getting an injury and not being able to workout for prolonged periods while dieting. A great place to go for a jog in Keizer is the dog park (Keizer Rapids). There's a paved loop/trails, along with forested dirt trails and this sweet little "mountain" rise which I believe is one of the disc golf stations (maybe 25' @ a 45* angle). Personally, I love the off-road trails as the terrain varies and its softer impact...not to mention you must be more "in the zone" while running off road vs. smooth, monotonous pavement.

    1915 days ago
    WTG on getting a workout in even though you didn't feel like it. emoticon
    1917 days ago
    Your change in living arrangement has been a lifestyle change--being able to go to the gym, having the freedom to incorporate more exercise in your routine has helped you change your lifestyle and you will continue to make more beneficial changes. Hope you get a break in the weather to get some activity in during your time at you parents. Sounds like Adam's parents are really supportive and are nice to offer their workout equipment. That sounds like a good option if the weather is not permitting.

    Try to not resort to eating with your sisters. Sounds like you don't rationally like doing it. Just might be a way for you to bond. I understand the emotional appeal but hopefully, you can make some changes to the way you bond with them. The same thing happens to me at my in-laws. I associate food with comfort and acceptance and they offer me food I associate it with their acceptance and love for me...doesn't help that I really like the food too. It is usually my one meal a week that is a splurge but I also recognize that I do overeat when I'm there.

    Enjoy time with your loved ones. Keep up your great habits that you've worked so hard for! Find new ways to enjoy family time. Workout or relax if you feel stressed and remember you are doing this for you.

    Have a good holiday celebration.
    1917 days ago
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