RE: My Special Treats, As Bought Today Ready, To Be Used At Xmas.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

RE: My special treats, as bought today ready, to be used at Xmas, these include some nice, pieces of Brand New, Make - Up as, bought from Superdrug (, similar to Poundland in, many many ways), the Make - Up, i chose was Red, & Black Nail Varnish, + a Bottle, of Nail Varnish.

Remover, i had previously bought, some Nail Varnish Remover, before but can not, find where the HELL, i put it !!!!, !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!, as i was paying, for these Nail Varnishes, + Nail Varnish Remover, i was told that, i could get a, Bottle of Nail Varnish, for free so i, chose a Green 1.

Then i went &, chose some more Make, - Up this time, i got 2 Eye, Shadow Palettes Green &, Beige a Lip Liner, Red in Colour an, Eye Liner Pencil Forest, Green in Colour &, a Bottle of Nail, Varnish Blue in Colour, altogether i Spent £10.37p, i also bought myself, a New Handbag 2.

As my other Handbag, (Red in Colour,) broke last week !!!!, boy was i bloody, well annoyed as that had been, previously bought by me, 4 my Birthday as, a Special Treat the, reason why it had, broke was not because, i had too much, stuff in it it, was because as i, carry it draped over.

My Left Shoulder the, Press Studs on it, had become very very, Loose !!!! !!!! !!!!, My New Handbag is, now a Two Tone, Colour Black & Beige, it was in the, Sale priced at £7.00, so i thought i, will have that Myself, TBC TBC TBC TBC
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