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Running... seriously?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yesterday was a big day for me in a way I never imagined. I ran.

I have been reading blogs by LDRICHEL. She is a runner. Her story has inspired me in many ways because even though times and life get tough, she may falter a bit, but not for long.
She wants victory in her life.

I have a neck injury and back injury with chronic pain and I'm diabetic. sigh... But I have a desire to live healthy and longer than my Mom, who passed away at 60. I am 56.

SparkPeople has really been a spark... no ... more like a flame that lights a path to healthy living for me and countless others.

So when I hurt my knee from Zumba, I couldn't do my walking, Zumba etc for quite awhile. The third time I tweeked my knee from 28 day Boot camp - I threw my hands up... ok - no more lunges for me!!

We have just moved to a rural area, 2 1/2 hours from where we have lived for almost 13 years. Not much available. And we get a lot of snow in the winter. Like between 150 and 300 inches. Yes. Alot of snow. So I need something to do something!

So I talked to my husband about getting a Wii and Wii Fit. Our early Christmas present.

I started with stepping and the other exercise stuff, even some yoga. No lunges. :-)

Then I started doing the short run. Then the Island cycling. Over time it was getting easier and the short run was too short. So yesterday I tried the Free Run. When 10 minutes showed on the timer, I freaked. "I can't do 10 minutes of running". Seriously I can't do 10 minutes. The voice in my head said to me, you're right! Go back. I told the voice to shut up (ok, in my head I did) that I would do what I could.

I could do 5 minutes right? I've already done close to that. 5 minutes. But a little spark in my heart said, a mile... I bet you can do a mile. I got to 5 minutes and thought hmmm I can do 1 minute more and then I can get to the mile. So I did. I was feeling it, man was I feeling it but I kept on.

So then I tried to click stop so I could save the credit and it wouldn't take. Drat! Could I walk? Sure. Walking counted. So I walked... quickly for 2 minutes. Had 2 minutes left. Could I run for that last 2 minutes. You Bet!!! and....

I did! I ran for 8 minutes. The distance was 1.66+. Not a marathon... not a 5K.

But for me... it felt great! It felt marvelous. It was spectacular. It was SPARKIN-tabulous!

Taking my bow, Sandra
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