Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yesterday I blogged about my unhealthy food choice for lunch and breaking my goal, well this morning is even worse. I weighed and I gained an entire 3 lbs. I mean really! I know it's not only from yesterday and I know I haven't been eating right but I have tried my best to stay within my calorie range and burning from 200-500 calories per day. And I gained weight? what am I doing wrong emoticon I still feel guilty for a day gone bad( not only for the afternoon food choice but also dinner, I had a large amount of french fries). But I really can't continue like this if i want to reach my goal; so lets see how today goes
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    Today my food choices were much better and I managed to burn 420 calories today, was aiming for 500 but I had to listen to my body. Thank you guys so much for all the support I must say I'm really grateful
    1913 days ago

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    Salt does that to me. I normally don't have a lot of sodium in my diet, but if I go all salty one day, I can gain a couple of pounds just off that.

    Secondly, it was just one day. Start over each day with new choices and eventually you'll have such a great habit of craving healthy foods instead of junk food. Every day is a new day!

    Don't let one day throw you off. Look at what you did in the trackers and see what you can do better. Every day is a learning opportunity!
    1913 days ago
    i agree with the salty foods comment as well! especially if you had fries with dinner. you may have had 9 glasses of water *during* the day but i'm guessing the majority of those glasses weren't consumed after dinner. water retention seems to be the culprit for you in this case. and hey, good for you for being accountable for your other food choices so far this week!

    i have no doubt will get yourself back on track without fail!
    1913 days ago
  • SYZYGY922
    The 3 lbs can be undigested food plus water. I once gained six pounds overnight! It can also have to do with hormones and monthly cycles and whatnot. You never know. Bodies are weird! I really wouldn't worry.

    Good luck!
    1913 days ago
    @ blue nose, I know its not fat gained but can someone really gain 3 lbs of water weight? Yesterday I did drink 9 glasses of water but I do remember I ate something very salty in the afternoon and then that french fries in the evening but febshowers I am so gonna kick it today because I have worked too hard to give up now
    1913 days ago

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    Kick it in the rear today! emoticon
    1913 days ago
    Just a day that didn't go well. Stick to the plan and move on one meal at a time. You can do it!

    Completely agree with the salt note about. It often looks like I've gained after eating even a modest restaurant meal. Hard to get away from too much salt and the water retention that accompanies it when we eat out. emoticon
    1913 days ago
    Alright put this into perspective. In order to gain 3 pounds in one day or even overnight you would have had to eaten 12,500 calories in one sitting.....then deduct 2000 calories for what you would normally eat in a day = 10,000 calories in one day......did you do that? No!

    So based on that, I do believe you are looking at water weight retention from eating salty foods such as french fries and not drinking enough water to flush the sodium out of your system.

    Not the end of the world, just eat better today and make sure you get all your water in!
    1913 days ago
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