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Time to step back and revise my fitness goals

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 15~

Now that I have been posting here at SP it became apparent to me that I needed to revise my goals. Which I did by giving myself a break. Now that I have the Fitbit tracker, it isn't necessary to accomplish so many miles a day, it's more important that I track the steps. Even then, my step goal was set too high. Of course, then there are those days where I change clothes and forget to transfer the tracker to new garments. Oh well! An interesting side note is that even when I do an official 5 mile Walk Away the Pounds workout, my tracker does not register the miles the same way. I think it must be because I am staying in one place or moving in a small area and it tracks distance accomplished. So I am not concerned whether the tracker agrees with the workout, i know I did it.

It's funny how immediately after revising my goals today, that I saw the comment on my blog I wrote yesterday from my SP friend JESSICABOOTY who thought that it was ridiculous that I thought I could do 5 miles any day of the year. Lol!! Nice confirmation!! emoticon emoticon

I chose that goal because I saw another women on Walk Away the Pounds FB Group who had been keeping up her goal of 5 miles a day for 30 days straight. There were many who walked 8-12 miles a day, so being the addict I am at exercise, I decided to do 5 miles a day until I reached my weight and fitness goals. It seemed reasonable to me based on the fact that I am committed to working out daily anyway. I love to work out. I am crazy and I know it. Having said all that, I haven't reached my goals yet and I also can see that I need to allow for some days off from workouts. For quite sometime I used the 3 days on, 1 day off routine. This is a good plan, but of course, I am opposed to rigidly adhering to any PLAN, as I believe intuition is the only guide that is reliable. Having squelched my inner voice many moons ago, believing it wasn't safe to do so in my family who rigidly lived by the rules, it has taken some consistent inner healing to be open to hearing and following my intuition even a little. I am a work in progress.

Also, when I adopted my puppies 1 1/2 years ago, I committed to walking them every day. I am a firm believer in draining their energy daily. I was fine with high energy dogs because they matched my energy level. Well, one is high energy and the other is just plain hyper.:-) Big difference! Anyway, because I live in Missouri where the weather is extreme and moderate days are few and far between I got my puppies a Jog A Dog treadmill. It's great also when my schedule won't allow a walk/jog/bike/roller blade out doors. While they are on the treadmill I can do my workouts and it WORK OUT splendidly. Another important point is that my female, Lady, the hyper one, can't handle walking fast on the treadmill and so in order to be efficient with my time I walk them together, Baron and Lady, at speed number 2, range 1-10.. This means they need to be on for an hour minimum at least once a day at this speed to drain their energy. They can easily handle more, too. I experimented with this to find out what was best. It only takes 65-75 minutes of walking for me to get in my 5 miles in, so VOALA, there you have my formula of daily exercise for my puppies and I. Btw, Baron loves to run on the treadmill, so I usually run him at higher speeds for a couple of minutes because it makes him so happy and he is so high energy that he can use it, too!

Getting ready to go for a walk in the park. Lady is red and Baron is white with chocolate spots.

After walk on treadmill and fresh groomed.

I have worn my tracker to ballroom dance lessons now for two weeks and I now see that I can get in around 6000 steps total on those days, if I don't do a walking work out. Sometimes it isn't realistic to plan to walk on those day due to how my schedule plays out. When I can do both, I enjoy that, but I don't want to pressure myself and take the fun of out life. Thus my daily step goal is now 6000 instead of 10,000 and instead of 5 miles a day of cardio, or 65-75 minutes, it's now set at 5 days a week to give myself a buffer.

It's been fun to experiment with my workouts and Fitbit tracker. It was time to take some pressure off and make sure that I was setting myself up for success. emoticon

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    I just want to come over the give a big hug to those two cuties....and a treadmill for them! Amazing. I have to lay down to recover from reading your workout schedule. You are one fantastic lady.
    1916 days ago

    Thank you for posting on my blog. Since I have consistently walked my dogs from the beginning, they are not overweight. I just want to keep their energy drained and also keep them fit and healthy, which they are.

    I taught them on regular treadmills at the workout studio I used to own. After selling the business, I bought the Jog a Dog treadmill for toy breeds. It is wonderful! Tomorrow I will post a video of them on it. It's pretty cute!!
    1917 days ago
    Oh I am so glad I found your blog. I have a poodle (Sam) and he is on a journey to lose weight too. He is on meds for his thyroid which helps.... a little. It was great during the Summer as we walked him outside but now with the rain and all, he doesn't get out and exercise. I was afraid to put him on the treadmill, but I see you do with yours. Are they on a regular one? Thank you so much! Sam is a brown one (looks almost black). Yours are so adorable.. gives me hope for Sam :)
    1917 days ago
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