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Made a few changes to my Department's Christmas Meal... It's all in the planning!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My department is celebrating Christmas tomorrow. Our managers will bring in lunch, then my coworkers each bring in something... well, I had to find out what was being provided, so I could figure out what I was going to be able to eat. Asked my manager and she told me that we were getting wraps, pasta and meatballs on the side. I'm on the 17 Day Diet, which limits carbs and so, pretty much none of those were really safe for me... however, it's the holidays, so I would probably indulge in a meatball or two, even though it's probably red meat with breading... I ask.. "What about a salad?".. nope. Okay... heavy sigh.

Go to my co-workers. What are you bringing? "Breakfast platter". That sounds interesting. What's that? "Donuts, pastries and bagels". "Sounds good!".. moving on... What are you bringing? (luckily, my g/f has sort of been on the plan with me and knows that the breakfast platter wasn't at all anything I could partake of, so she says, I'll bring in turkey kielbasa... I smile and I'm like "Bless you!" lol She smiles. Moving on... go to the guy in the back. "Dave, what are you bringing?" "I thought I'd bring cookies" (now, our dept party coincides with the United Way bake sale)... "Why, what is everyone else bringing?".. I tell him that the bake sale is going in... what the managers are bringing and that there isn't even a healthy salad (had to get that in there) and he was like.. "Really? I can do a salad!" and I"m like.. "You don't have to, but that would be great... " "No, really... I can throw one together very easily... I'll do a salad!"... "Thanks so much, Dave! A Salad would be great!" on to the next co-worker... "Barb (head of United Way committee)... what are you bringing to the party?" "Well, I thought I'd just bring in extra cookies (makes total sense)... why?" "just asking... that makes sense"... "what is everyone else bringing"... I tell her "hmmm, I can bring in veggies"... "really? That would be great! I mean, there will be soo much baked stuff available and it would really be nice to have healthier options... would you mind?" "No, really, I love vegetables, let everyone know, I'll bring veggies"... "You got it!"...

Now, I'm feeling PRETTY Good about everything right about now... thinking to myself that I really only need to bring in my yogurts and some fruit and I'm just about set! LOL I see Rich walking the halls... "Hey Rich, what are you bringing on Thursday?"... "What do you want me to bring?"... (really? could it be that easy???)... "could you bring in some fruit? Nothing much, maybe some grapes or something?") LOL "Sure!"...

to round everything out, we have hot wing chicken dip, chips, candy, cookies, cheese (to go with the kielbasa) and a banana/pineapple bundt cake... and crackers... (I had preoffered to do the bundt cake from months ago)... it does have 2 fruits in it, but that unfortunately does NOT make it healthy.

I'd have brought in my own food from home, but now, only have to bring in my yogurts... All in all, it was a very successful party planning day, and that, my friends, is how you stay on plan during the holidays... oh, and I weighed in today and lost 2 lbs and am only 3 lbs away from my mini goal of losing 120 by Christmas!

I Got this!
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