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Workout log... boring read, this is for accountability.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is a boring blog, this is just posted for workout accountability while my trainer is away on vacation.

To understand my documentation, I work in circuits. IE... Round1 would be for example..

squat rows 72.5x10, 105x10, 105 x7
Tricep Extensions 52.5x10, 67.5x5, 62.5x5
Assisted pullups 130x5, 145x6, 160x10

What that means is that I did 3 sets of squat row, tricep extension, assisted pullups. The weights are represented by 72.5 for weight and the X10 are the reps so 72.5X10 is 10reps of 72.5 lbs.

The rowing for example shows the distance say 500m or 500 meters then a @1:52 meaning that I did 500 meters in 1 minute 52 seconds. Basically a sprint.

Working in a circuit, moving from routine to routine quickly helps keep my heart rate up. My typical workout is no more than 30 min tops but is really intense and I am pretty much done.

12-15 assorted exercises, no solid routine, just did it.....At Home
- pushups
-kettlebell swings
-jump rope
-35 lb dumbbell clean and jerks

12-16 At Anytime Fitness
20 min warm up - elliptical

Round one
squat rows 72.5x10, 105x10, 105 x7
Tricep Extensions 52.5x10, 67.5x5, 62.5x5
Assisted pullups 130x5, 145x6, 160x10

Round two
Dumbbell Bench Press 45x10, 50x10, 60x5
Hammer Curls 35x10, 40x6, 45x3
Core Twists on situp bench w/decline 5x10, 10x10, 25x10

Round Three
Rowing -resistance 5/10 500m@ 1:56, 500m@1:52, 500m@ 1:59
Jump Rope 1 min, 1 min, 1 min

12-17 At Anytime Fitness

warm up 15 min elliptical

round 1
rowing 400m resistance 5/10 1:24, 1:30, 1:30
pull ups 160x10, 160x10, 145x10
jump rope 1min, 1min, 1min

round 2
lat pull downs 52.5x10, 52.5x10, 52.5x10
cable presses 37.5x10, 42.5x10, 47.5x10
squat pulls 97.5x10, 97.5x10, 97.5x10
core twists on decline bench 10x10, 10x10, 25x10

Today 12/18/12 At Home :)

Round 1
pushups 10,10,15
Stair Run - as many times up and down staircase in 1 minuteX3 35lbs, 40lbs, 55lbs
Kettlebell Swing as many as I can do in 1 minute 40lbs, 40lbs, 55lbs

Round 2
Clean and Jerk 35lb X10
Overhead Tricep Extensions 40lbX10, 40lbX10, 40lbX10
1 legged deadlift 35lbX10, 40lbX10, 55lbX10

one of these days im going to make a video of one of my at home workouts. My goal would be to make the workout 10 minutes but to make it really intense. Even wear a heart rate monitor to give a final calorie count at the end to show that 10 minutes can really be effective if you are willing to push hard.
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