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Realistic vs. unrealistic expectations about weight loss....SP article quoted.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To find out whether your expectations emoticon about weight loss may be increasing your stress levels, take the following brief quiz.

Indicate whether you think the following statements are true or false. emoticon

To benefit from this exercise, your answer should reflect how you honestly emoticon feel most of the time, NOT what you think the “correct” response might be.

1. I have taken a careful look at my eating and exercise habits, and I have a good idea of what I need to change and how I want to do it. emoticon
2. I have accepted the idea that I need to make permanent changes in my lifestyle to lose weight and keep it off permanently. emoticon
3. I will feel successful only if reach my weight loss goal. emoticon
4. I know that it took time to gain weight, and I believe it is best to try to lose the weight slowly. emoticon
5. I am working on weight loss now because I really want to, not because someone else thinks I should. emoticon
6. If I can manage to lose the weight, I think many other problems in my life will be solved. emoticon
7. I am willing and able to do a significant amount of physical activity on a daily basis, including planned exercise. emoticon
8. I can lose weight successfully with no slip-ups. emoticon
9. I am ready, willing, and able to spend enough time each day planning and tracking my food intake and exercise activities.
10. If my weight loss slows down or stalls out, I usually lose my motivation and stop my program. emoticon
11. When I am having problems sticking to my plan, I usually get on the message boards or the phone and talk about it with other people. emoticon
12. I have many stressful situations in my life right now, but I'm determined to be successful at weight loss. emoticon

Scoring the Quiz
Look at your answers to questions 1,2,4,5,7, 9 and 11, and give yourself 1 point for every True answer, and 0 for every False.

AND THEN... For questions 3,6,8,10 and 12, give yourself 1 point for every False answer, and 0 for every True.

Add your total points up to get your score. emoticon

A high score emoticon (7-12 points) shows that your expectations about weight loss are more realistic, and you are more likely to reach your goal.

Each question you scored a zero for represents a misconception emoticon or unrealistic expectation that might be adding unnecessary stress to your weight loss effort .

Here is a link to the entire AP article:
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