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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hey every one, I havent logged on for a while. A lot is happening and a lot is still the same. Let me start off with Nov. 27. I decided to give Nick a chance. He was the man I talked about 2 post ago. We hung out on Nov. 25th at a friends of mines appartment. Now, that was me giving him a chance, except my ex was also there. I was depressed, hurting and angry that I couldnt focus on very much. Through my own sadness I found it hard to move on. That night I was thinking that I wasnt ready for a relationship, and that I should try to make myself happy. But I didn't feel it getting any better. My depression was getting worse. I told Nick that night that I wasnt wanting a relationship and i felt terrible. It wasnt that I wasn't ready for one, I was still so hung up on Shawn that getting him back was what I was wanting. Monday, Nov. 26 was my last post. Nick and I decided to hang out on the 27th like originally planned. Tuesday, we went to walmart and spend hours there! We talked and I was able to focus on him and not my ex. I was having a really amazing time just talking and getting to know him. He took my hand and I felt my heart just skip beats. There was a mixture of fear, excitement and happiness. We decided to give it ago, and now we are officially dating. :) Im happy. And he's really supportive of me going to Vegas, but asked that I wait at least 2 years before I go, so that he can finish college and come along with me if we work out. He calls me beautiful and sexy and thinks that Im perfect the way I am. He doesnt see me as a girl that needs to lose weight, he said that I don't really need to, but understands that I do need to because of health problems. He's going to lose weight with me! He has access to a gym when school starts back up for him in Janurary. He doesnt mind me talking about my ex, and he doesnt mind spending time with my family. He helps my family when they ask him and hes usually more than happy to to do. He works on his own vehicle, and he makes me laugh a lot! :D To be honest, if my ex was to ask for me back, Im at a point where I dont even think about him as much any more. My relationship with Nick feels natural, like its actually meant to be this way, and he's given up smoking for me!! :D ^_^ I hate to say it, but Nick, in the few weeks we've been together has already done so much for me and my family than my ex has ever done. My parents really like him, a lot more than they ever did with Shawn.
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