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Test Results, More Doc Appts, Friends, and Life in General

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is doing absolutely wonderful. I myself is just a little "eh..." right now. I know my last blog i was a little depressing, so sorry about that. I can't stand being depressed. I'm such a happy person most of the time, but lately it has been quite difficult to keep a smile on my face. I get so angry thinking about how it's freaking Christmas. I yell at myself to Be happy and merry and jolly and get over your crappy diet and be a big girl and get yourself together. So I will. Since you were so mean about it.

Firstly Test Results:
The first two test came back perfect so my doctor canceled the MRI so I wouldn't have to eat my deductible in full. Freaking $500 it would have been. Guess what the conclusion for my seizures were. Low electrolytes/imbalances from my work outs. It's what she told me, I'm going with it. I haven't had one since I upped my calories a few weeks back so I think there might be some proof in that pudding. I suspected all along it had something to do with my diet or exercise, but I didn't want to think that exercising too much or not eating enough calories could actually hurt me. But guess what Stupid, you're just like everyone else. So needless to say I am sleeping better knowing this.

New Doctor Appt:
I know I'm crazy. You figured I've been to so many Doctor Appointments in the last several weeks that there would be no way that I would willingly make another. Well obviously you don't know me that well. This time though the Doctor is a Surgeon of the Plastic Persuasion No I'm not getting fake boobs....yet (evil grin) I'm getting consulted about Skin Reduction Surgery. I've kept my weight within 5 pounds in a year and I've toned my body very well. Embarrassing thing that's happening to me now. My skin is starting to hurt when I exercise. If I jump it kind of slaps around my hips and gives this sharp pain. Same with my arms. And honestly I'm tired of bending over and having my stomach hand so low that I can literally wrap my hands around the skin and play with it. So cross your fingers that this Doctor doesn't think I'm a complete physco by the time the consultation is over. I have tons of questions!

My friends have been super awesome supporters during all of this. And I do include everyone on here in that category as well. The support has been amazing. The Good Vibes I felt all the way through the internet. I have never had so much support and help and kind words. Thanks for that!

My diet still really needs some intense work. I know why I feel like crap and why I've been depressed. I've ate so badly. I finally broke down and told Cory that it had to stop. I did so good in 2011. I had a clean diet. I felt so energized and felt like I could take on the world. Now not so much. Cory has the worse diet I have ever seen, which is nothing more than the typical American Diet. He lives on Sweets, Frozen Pizzas, Dunkin Donuts, and Mexican. That's it. And for nearly a year I have joined him in one way or the other. I eat ice cream like that sh*t is trying to get up and run away. I will chow down on some Blueberry Cake Doughnuts at Dunkin. If I let myself I will eat like I am menstruating everyday. Chocolate, cookies, cakes, muffins. You name the sweet and I am willing to eat. That's my slogan...that I just made up...but I'll go with it.

So I decided to watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead last weekend. Anyone seen it? Anyone else want to go out and buy a juicer cause the really nice one they had just so happened to get chunked against a concrete sidewalk several times when they discovered their ex was cheating half of their relationship and he gave it to them just so happens to not work anymore? It's not so much the juicing, it just made me want to be healthy again. I've done that! I've lost a ton of weight! So why do I continue to sabotage my efforts with silly food that has no nutrition at all. I can and will do better!

So that's what's going on at the moment. I know i missed stuff, but hey I think I provided you with a little entertainment right?

Hope all is well with everyone and feel free to comment below. It'll make you feel like you've done the best deed today!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • EMMYLOU010409
    You have done so well! You know how to do it! When you feel like slipping, remember how you feel when you work out and eat well versus the short-term satisfaction of donuts. Don't get me wrong, it's a fabulous satisfaction, but my workout high lasts so much longer!

    I hope you have a good doctor session. Good luck!
    1914 days ago
    DD blueberry donuts must have crack in them. I could literally eat a dozen right now. I think we've had a similar year -- the plastic surgeon is going to tell you that you could have come in sooner. I thought I wouldn't be a candidate and turns out I was perfect. I'm an OCD control freak -- so not completely ideal for him ;-)

    My arms skin felt amazing to get rid of! I can send you really gross pics of what you're looking forward to if you decide to go through with it ;-)
    1914 days ago
    So glad you got good news!
    I hope the surgeon of the plastic variety can answer all your questions!
    Take care of yourself!
    1915 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Hopefully you continue to not have seizures!!
    Good luck with the consultation!
    1915 days ago
    I'm glad your tests came back with good news, I was worried about you!! I hope you get all the skin stuff figured out. Good for you for maintaining for so long. You have done amazing things for yourself... you can keep doing them. You'll get used to eating healthier again!! I'm blaming all this snow and old for the way I've been eating, but I think it's actually just laziness, haha. Keep us posted!!
    1915 days ago
  • APED7969
    Awesome news about the seizures! And I hope the other doctor appointment goes well. I think skin reduction would be a very worthy investment! I'm sure you already know this but don't get down on yourself if the diet revamp doesn't happen quickly. I know when I got back from a month in the US and had to revamp my diet as well I got really frustrated that I couldn't just do it straight away. Good thing was it happened a hell of a lot faster than it did the first time and getting annoyed at myself for slip ups didn't help make it go any faster!
    1916 days ago
    I'm glad your doctor was able to give you an idea as to what was going on, minus a $500 price tag. That's always nice. :) You have made over your diet in the past to revamp it in awesome ways- you can do it again. I have de faith in you.
    1916 days ago
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