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Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm not sure that I can say "Happy Monday" this morning... This weekend was horrible. On Friday I really didn't let the tragedy of what happened in CT get to me because I was dealing with so many other things with one of my students and her guardian, but over the weekend it really started to sink in about how easily it could be my school or any other school that could have had this happen. I've been a little overly emotional/sensitive as it is (started my TOM yesterday ugh), but the fact that I am now a teacher, working with elementary and middle school aged students I feel a lot more connected to this incident than I have in the past when there have been incidences at schools. I see all of these little girls and boys who are 5, 6, 7, and 8 years old constantly and couldn't imagine something like this happening to any of them- they're just so small and have so much to look forward to and they totally make my day when I see them. I just wanted to give all of my kiddos a big hug when they came in today.

I feel like I've been hypersensitive to everything the last few days. On Friday I had a very angry/pissed guardian come in toward the end of the day because I called and asked her to bring a change of clothes for one of my students because she had wet her pants after having thrown a temper tantrum, had thrown things and was being unsafe so we had to just stand close to her (its called proximity and its used to just give the student a chance to slow down and calm down with a little help/support) . She was mad at me, and my team, that we hadn't called her the second that my student started to struggle. Now, today, I found out that her lawyers are going to be contacting us because of this. Granted, she doesn't have anything in writing saying that we had to call her for every little incident that the student has and so she doesn't really have ground to stand on, but its still very....overwhelming. The guardian has tried to make it seem that we re-traumatized the student. The guardian signed all of the restraint paperwork when the student was enrolled- if she was that concerned about it, she should not have even signed the papers. (Proximity is not a restraint- its just a behavior management strategy).

I'm sorry this blog is so random- I'm really just venting because I don't really have many other places to vent right now. I just want this to end quickly and don't handle confrontation very well at all. I hate being yelled at (I'm sure no one actually LIKES being yelled at) and actually tend to break down when someone raises their voice at me- which is kind of sad, but true. I just need to make sure that my voice is being heard and I can stick to my guns with this issue and not let it worry me/raise my anxiety. The Principal and Vice Principal are both very supportive and I'm sure it will get worked out- I've just never had this happen before so I don't know what to expect/do.

Drastic Change of topic:

I've been SOOOO hungry the last few days- even though I don't feel well after I've eaten, I feel like I could eat any and every thing in sight haha. I don't know if its just my TOM, or the fact that I'm attempting to eat my emotions (or both) but I bought a bag of cuties to eat as a snack and have tried to limit my intake of cookies and sweets (even though its what I REALLY want). I know that I can stick to healthier choices, but sometimes I want to just stuff my face with chocolate..... Oy.... Winter Break cannot get here soon enough.... I'm looking forward to getting out of town for a night too.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and here's to a good (fast) week!

Until Next Time emoticon
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    1914 days ago
    i don't teach, but the ages of most of the victims in CT gets me chocked up also. It is just too awful.
    1915 days ago
    Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there.
    1915 days ago
    After Social Work, Teaching is the hardest profession in my opinion. One of the most difficult aspects is dealing with parents--particularly of students with "difficulties." Some parents (guardians) are completely disinterested; others are control-freak bullies. Guess which one you have. Keep this kiddo's best interests at the forefront of your thoughts. Don't let the guardian change that perspective. It is best for the child to learn coping skills (as you already know). Part of those coping skills are learning to de-escalate in a situation, ie learning how to stop a tantrum from blowing all out of proportion. You were giving her the opportunity to exercise those skills.
    You are in a noble, and much under-appreciated, profession.

    Congratulations on preplanning with healthy snacks. The first, and most important, step to controlling your intake of unhealthy foods is to keep the junk out of the house. Good for you!!! Christmas break is around the corner! Whoo Hoo!!
    1916 days ago
  • DEBPRE16
    Sorry to hear things are difficult at school for you. Last week before it was my TOM I could have eaten down the house. I have some cuties too and they help. Keep taking good care of yourself and hopefully soon everything will be resolved at school.
    The shooting in CT has me upset too - having a hard time sleeping. I teach Sunday School to 2nd and 3rd graders and looking at their sweet faces yesterday I couldn't imagine losing them. One little guy lost his second front tooth this last week and I kept thinking of that song," All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."
    1916 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/17/2012 2:58:01 PM
    I hope you're feeling better!
    Don't let those litigous guardians get you down!
    1916 days ago
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