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First Time I Ran Was to the End of the Block

Monday, December 17, 2012

I gotta apologize for the link, but it's the only recording I can find of that song. But I hate all the talking. Sheesh. Shaddap!! Ahem. Onto the actual blog.
I ran my last 5K of the year yesterday.

It was m'f'in' COLD!

The gun time was my worst time of the year (and my third-worst time, ever; my second-worst time was last year's December run, BTW). But the chip time was far better (a good 4 1/2 minutes less!). And in all fairness, I was wearing many layers, and I was the second-heaviest I've ever been for a race this year. Which is also the second-heaviest I've ever been for any of these races, ever.

This was my 36th race, and my 11th of this year.

I'm a lil tired. But I suppose I'm entitled to be. 11 races felt very much like one too many by the end of it all. I had overbooked as, last year, we had to really scramble to get in our 10th. So we'll see how next year goes. We have already signed up for one in May. We might mix things up slightly, and run for different charities than we did. One of the races this year had an awful parking situation, so we might swap it out for something else. I dunno.

I will also stop taking the food they give us. That was a poor idea. I found myself ravenous and devouring yesterday, and I am paying for it today at weigh-in, big time. Some of it is salt, but I ain't kiddin' myself. I am up 6 (no typo, folks) pounds since last week. Ugly. Aggravating, but not impossible to cure.

So there are downsides to all this racing.

But the positives far outweigh the negatives. I find that racing focuses my work outs in a way that just keeping track of #s never really has. I find I am not necessarily trying for better times but, rather, I try for just doing them. I strive to not feel quite so awful at the end, or the following day. I strive for breaking into a dead run earlier than usual. I strive for jogging when I am supposed to (yesterday, I jogged more than I had been planning to, so I consider that a positive). I ran a good 477 minutes and 12 seconds of 5K races this year.

I came in 5495/5537 overall (I suspect there were far more walkers than that, but that's what they recorded officially, at
) and 164/172 for women in our 50s.

And I came in ahead of the rest of the world, yes?

I am the Thundering Fat Girl.

I am the Queen of the Tribe of Last-Place and Near-Last-Place Finishers.

I am the One Who Thumbs Her Nose At Notions of Fitness and Rightness and Propriety.

I am laughing at aging, and making fun of my size 16 body.

I am a warrior.

And I can't wait for March, when the racing season starts up again.

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