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Getting Exercise Aside From Scheduled Workouts

Monday, December 17, 2012

Exercise sometimes comes hard to get, or does it?

It seems my life is sometimes hectic and too busy to get any other exercise in aside from my scheduled 30 minutes- 2 hours of workouts. But, as I look at what I do daily, I can say that there are plenty of opportunities for me to get some type of exercise in besides my scheduled workouts.

For instance, while at work, I walk by the weights on my way to the bathroom. I could get a few bicep curls in before or after my bathroom visit. Or how about on my way out of the bathroom, I can do some jumping jacks or skips, etc to get my heart rate up for a few seconds. If I could do 1-2 minute of quick cardio every hour I was at work, I would have 8-10 minutes a day of cardio in.

For other exercise on days I am not at work, I could dance around the living room as though no one is watching. I could randomly do jumping jacks, squats, etc. Or how about when I visit places, I can park farther away from the building, have a race to the door. If the place has stairs and an elevator, I could always take the stairs.

These are all ideas of how I can and will get some exercise in aside from my scheduled workouts, starting today!
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