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The Devil's Cupcakes (*WARNING*: Lots of trigger foods, all at once)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Kind of delayed, seeing as how I made them last week, but I hadn't gotten around to getting the pictures off my camera. Now that I have, I present to you the incredibly evil, incredibly delicious cupcakes I made for Derek's birthday.

Although I mentioned it in my last blog, here's the back story: I'm a complete chocoholic, and I absolutely love working with chocolate because you can do so much with it. I thoroughly enjoy having a fun reason to bake constantly now, so as to spoil all the staff at my gym. Since Derek is my trainer though, his preferences are the ones I know best. He is, like me, a total chocoholic. In light of this preference and my desire to work with chocolate, when I found out when his birthday was, I knew I had to do something elaborate, and full of chocolate. I asked him what his top five favourite chocolate-based things were, and said I would make one for his birthday. When he got back to me, his list immediately gave me a completely different idea. Three of the things he mentioned were chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake + frosting, and chocolate covered strawberries. The insanity that ensued resulted in what I'm calling the Devil's Cupcakes, because they're absolutely evil.

First, I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. No, I did not -need- four dozen cookies, but I usually always try to keep cookie dough on hand (I pre-portion the dough and roll it into balls, then freeze them. That way, when I just really want a fresh baked cookie, I can just grab a ball or two of dough, throw them in the oven for bit, and bam. Fresh baked cookies and no leftovers). Pretty simple and straight forward. Portion, ball, into the fridge to chill.
Next came SUPER dark chocolate cupcakes. These things look almost black, they're amazing. When they came out of the oven, I took a ball of cookie dough and pressed it into the center of each cupcake.

You can see where this is going.

Each of the cupcakes then got a glob of chocolate fudge frosting to attach a strawberry I had coated in chocolate earlier, then more frosting to cover the edges and make it look all pretty.

All in all, these things took me a few hours to do because of everything involved in them, but I think they were TOTALLY worth it. I don't make elaborate things very often, but it's a lot of fun and I love seeing people's reactions to them. It makes me feel good to see people enjoying things I've made for them.
I took some in to the bakery, since it was one of my last days there, kept a few at home, and obviously the rest went to Derek at the gym. Oh MAN the look on his face, I wish I'd gotten a picture. Then everyone else saw them and was like "..you MADE those?" *insert stupidly proud smile*

Yes, they're evil. No, there is absolutely nothing healthy about them at all. But I made them, I ate them, and I didn't regret a single bite of any of them because they were delicious and totally worth the time and effort I put into them

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