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RE: I Have Read, Some Other People's, Motivational Stories On, Their SparkPages About, How They Hav

Friday, December 14, 2012

RE: I have read, some other People's, Motivational Stories on, their SparkPages about, how they have, been nominated as, a Motivational Person, i hope some, day to be, Nominated Too if, i do really, really well here, on this Well -, Known SparkPeople Website, as apart from, last week's little, Episode (where, things kind of, went wrong for, me) most, of the time, it's been great.

I shall try, my very very, best to keep, up with my, Food Intake &, also my Exercise, Regime 2 as, i know that, it's nearly Xmas, this can be, for some People, (Their Down, Fall Food -, Wise lol), as they can, completely lose track, of their Diets, etc etc etc, & have a, TOTAL PIGOUT!!!!, !!!! !!!! !!!!, this has happened, to me in, the FAR AWAY, PAST!!!! !!!!, but not this, time.

As i have, learn't so far, from being diagnosed, as a TYPE, 2 DIABETIC!!!!, !!!! !!!! !!!!, (Monday 16th, April 2012), !!!! !!!! !!!!, that if i, Eat/Drink, anything that is, way 2 Sugary, i will experience, or have had, an Episode of, either (High Blood, Sugar - HYPO,) or either (Low Blood, Sugar - HYPO,) 2 as these, can be very, very SCARY for, me this is, why i always, carry something Sweet.

With me in, my Hand Bag, either a Chocolate, Bar or some, Diabetic Tablets so, that if i, start to feel, POORLY or (ILL), i can take, them. TBC TBC TBC TBC
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