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Drawing From YOUR Mountain!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A mountain can be both powerful and grounding in a most profound way.

Throughout history, we've always stood in awe of mountains. Their strength and sturdiness evident in the rocky crags and smooth slopes of peaks from God's time immemorial inspired creativity and kindled courage. In their looming presence, humanity has seen power, steadfastness, and resolve. Yet you needn’t live near a mountain to tap into this vast energy of commanding grandeur. Conversely, since mountains are as unique in form as we are, your locale may exist under the unwavering gaze of a small mountain without your knowing it. As you practice mountain meditation, the power that lurks in the heart of all mountains will flow into you while their essential beauty reminds you that you, too, are a creature of the earth.

If there are mountains in your area, plan to spend some time enjoying the peaceful embrace of Mother Nature, which can be a potent meditation aid. Likewise, grasping a rock or stone in your hand will enables you to easily tap into earth energy. If you are prevented by circumstance from visiting a mountain, however, begin by visualizing yourself at the base of a towering summit. Holding a rock can be helpful to tune into mountain energy. You may find yourself picturing a steep and majestic snow-capped peak or a lush, tree-covered mass that rises gently from the earth. Sit or imagine yourself sitting at the mountain’s base and spend a few minutes simply coexisting with it. When you feel tranquil, express your intention to commune with your mountain and ask to receive its energy. Project your consciousness onto the mountain’s peak, and look down upon the flatlands over which it stands guard. Send light to the flora and fauna that call the mountain home. You may discover that you ! feel wonderfully immense and unshakable as you delve deeper into the meditation.

Finally, ask the mountain to serve as a guide and give it your sincerest gratitude. If you have literally visited a plateau or summit, pass time with the mountain by camping, hiking, or picnicking upon it. Or, if your journey has been a spiritual one, use your imagination to survey the sights, sounds, and scents of your mountain. As your explorations progress, you will become ever more grounded, growing gradually into your personal power. When you are finished meditating with mountain energy, give thanks to this strong and powerful energy for sharing time with you.

Oh yes I drew from my own mountain today. Pulled it up from my toes. Somebody laid down a challenge today a blatant "You'll never do it because you're not doing what I'm doing challenge."
I lost my patience as it were. I just turned right around and gave it right back with a "WATCH ME!"
OH YEAH IT WAS A DON'T MESS WITH ME KIND OF DAY TODAY. I'm going to show'em how it's done....MY WAY.
They figure they know everything there is to know about exercise and toning. So they are going to do it their and I'm going to do it my way and I'll come out with the same results as they will without going around my elbow to get to my thumb. I'm going straight from a to z in a straight line No zigzagging and in it will take me far shorter time.
It's not a race. It's not even a competition. But challenge me will ya. She's just but heads with the bull!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my gosh! I have been told so MANY times, "You shouldn't be doing that.", "You should be doing it differently.", "You'll never be able to do that."

    That has ALWAYS been the gauntlet being thrown down for a challenge and my response is exactly like yours, "OH YEAH! JUST WATCH ME DO IT."

    When my Dr. diagnosed me with type 2 dM in Jan. 2010, she was going to put me on insulin and an oral agent and I just said to her give me a month to get an exercise program together, re-vamp my diet and use the oral agent. IF my A1C isn't better, if my blood sugars are not coming down THEN I'll try the insulin. She said, "You'll never do it. If you DO, I'll make you my family recipe -- which happens to be paella." Ok, THAT sounded like a challenge all right, and I took it on.

    The paella she made for me was the best I've ever had. emoticon
    1866 days ago
    I recognize mountains as visible object of Gods' wonder and strength. I'm going t keep this as my visualization today.
    1867 days ago
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