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A calm day...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I just had a nice, calm, fairly normal day. Walked the dog three times for a total of 11.8 miles. We have walked a lot this week. I am going to add all my steps for the week on Saturday and see what the total is, it should be pretty high. Cooper has walked a bunch of those miles with me this week. I forget to mention yesterday that Cooper has lost almost a pound since July. He definitely won;t get obese if we keep up the pace we have been going.

Went out to dinner with my neighbor tonight. My treat, as my Christmas present to her. I got the fish fry, but I got it with a baked potato that I dressed with .5 Tbsp of sour cream, and didn't eat the coleslaw that came with it. Started with a green salad, and downed 4 glasses of water with the meal. After dinner we ran a couple of quick errands. We came home and I took Cooper out for his last walk of the day.

I also got some cleaning done today, including going through my entire closet one more time and getting rid of the clothes that are too big now. I also got out that one pair of pants that I saved from when I was at my heaviest. I think I could fit in one leg of those pants now! I'll have to get some new pictures for my "after" photos. I am not quite at "after" yet, but there is definitely a significant difference from where I was in 2011 to where I am heading into 2013!
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