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Meal Plan for December 15-23

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well I stuck to my meal plan for last week pretty well. Some of the lunches got switched up. The dish I made on Monday night, while good, ended up WAY too spicy as I used Chipotle Chile Powder instead of just regular chile powder. Oops. So I had to do some lunch swaps since I didnít have that for leftovers. Also we did end up having the people over on Saturday night.

This week, I actually planned everything out through NEXT weekend. We are heading up to Wyoming on Monday the 24th to spend the week with the boyfriendís family, and Iím going to be baking up a storm and getting everything ready for the trip next weekend, so I didnít want to have to go grocery shopping too. Also, many of these meals are using things I already have around, in an effort to clean out the fridge/freezer/pantry before we go.

-Saturday, December 15
Lunch: No idea, Iíll be running a lot of errands and cleaning the house and stuff, so whateverís convenient.

Dinner: We are attending an ďugly sweaterĒ party, so weíll be eating there. I am bringing this cheese ball appetizer traceysculinaryad
and making ďPeanut Butter SquaresĒ which taste like Reeseís PB cups, and are super easy to make. I like potluck style parties like this because I can make the unhealthy recipes that I save, and I wonít have it hanging around my house for days, tempting me!

-Sunday, December 16
Lunch: Again, no real idea yet.

Dinner: Ground Beef Enchiladas. These are not that healthy really, although not too bad if I just have 2. I donít have a real recipe for them, I just sort of wing it, although I do use a pound of ground beef, and canned sauce. Last time I made them I calculated 2 as being 618 calories each.

-Monday, December 17
Lunch: Likely leftover enchiladas

Dinner: Pesto Stuffed Chicken. This is my boyfriendís favorite thing I have made for him. It also gets a lot of Pinterest action. The recipe calls for almond flour for the breading, which makes it very low carb but I just use Italian breadcrumbs. Itís a quick and easy to put together entrťe. www.kalynskitchen
I use pretty big pieces of chicken (like 8oz each or something like that, it changes each time I make it) so the calories are at 483 for one. However, if you have fat chicken breasts like I do, you can slice them in half lengthwise (like through the middle so you end up with 2 thinner pieces), and just use the half slices. That saves significantly on the calories and thereís still plenty of protein in the dish. I plan on having this sautťed zucchini with them as zucchini is on sale at one of the stores I shop at for only 88 cents a pound.
. Iím not usually a zucchini lover, but I like this. Itís super quick to make, and I donít even bother cutting it like they do in the photos, I just do half circles. PLUS, using 2 zucchinis, itís only 90-100 calories per serving but packs tons of flavor.

-Tuesday December 18
Lunch: Havenít quite figured this out yet. I might end up doing some frozen meals this week since my dinners arenít leftover heavy. Lately Iíve been supplementing the frozen meals (I like Healthy Choice Steamers or the Eating Right from Safeway brand, they are lower in sodium than most and have decent amounts of protein and fiber) with extra things like carrots and celery.

Dinner: Baked Penne. This is another one where I donít have a recipe for. I use a box of whole grain penne (or rotini or rigatoni or whatever, as long as itís a bigger sized pasta), cooked, a jar of pasta sauce, about a cup of cheese mixed in with the pasta and sauce, and another half cup or so on top, and, I switch out the protein. Sometimes itís Italian sausage, sometimes chicken sausage, sometimes actual chicken. This night Iíll be using 5 chicken sausage links. I bought a package of 3 from Costco and this is my last package. Itís a roasted red pepper and spinach flavor, and itís not my favorite, but it works OK in something like this baked penne. I bake in the oven at like 400 for 15 minutes or so, just until the cheese on top is melted and itís all bubbly. On the side Iím going to throw a Green Giant Seasoned Steamer bag that I have in the freezer. Iím not a huge fan of frozen veggies, but I actually really like these Seasoned Steamers. The one Iíll be using is a zucchini/yellow squash blend.

-Wednesday, December 19
Lunch: Baked Penne leftovers

Dinner: Itís single girl night, so I think Iíll reheat a mini meatloaf that I have in the freezer, I think itís the last one. I made a batch of 6 a few months ago and weíve been eating them here and there. I also have one last serving of Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs. I love these Puffs, itís good thereís only 1 serving left, I could eat the whole bag really.

-Thursday, December 20
Lunch: This will be another frozen meal/sandwich kind of day, unless thereís still some Baked Penne left over.

Dinner: Iím excited about this dinner, it sounds like itíll be delicious. Main is Molasses and Mustard Glazed Pork Chops traceysculinaryad
The recipe calls for using pork tenderloins and grilling them, but Iím going to half the glaze ingredients and just bake the pork chops in the ovenÖ too cold to grill! My mom made this last night (she got it from me but beat me to making it!) and said it was really good. Oh, I have it as 390 calories per 5oz pork chop. Iím sure that will get reduced once I see how much glaze I actually use. I am also going to make these Crispy Roasted Mustard Potatoes www.simplyscratch
. They are 258 calories per serving, but I figured a pound of potatoes which is probably too much for 2 people. Iíll modify once I actually get my potatoes out and weighed. Also I will be making green beans with shallots and bacon. I sautť the sliced shallots in a bit of fat of some kind, this time Iíll use a bit of bacon greaseÖ a little goes a long way. Other times I do it in olive oil. Then, I toss in the green beans and sautee those until they turn bright green. I like my green beans pretty crispy. If you donít you can boil them for a few minutes in water to par-cook them. Then, once itís done, I top with a bit of crumbled bacon. Yum!

-Friday, December 21
Lunch Ė Chipotle!

Dinner Ė Not really sure yet, as is the case w/ most Fridays. Maybe some grilled cheese sandwiches with this organic low sodium tomato and red pepper soup I picked up? Or I might cook some burgers on the cast iron inside, as I have both burger patties that I ground myself and buns in the freezer. Or maybe weíll go outÖ who knows!

-Saturday December 22
Lunch Ė Definitely donít know yet. My BFF is coming over to make cheese with me! We took a class together on how to make ricotta and mozzarella so sheís going to come over so we can try it out together. Maybe weíll munch on salami and crackers or something, we tend to do that when weíre together!

Dinner Ė Assuming all goes well with at least the ricotta, I plan on making stuffed shells, a huge batch. I will be using The Pioneer Womanís recipe thepioneerwoman.c
I was surprised after I calculated it that it wasnít nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I have it as 8 servings, which I think will be like 6 or 7 shells per person, which is a lot, and each serving is 682 calories. Not great, but not nearly as bad as I thought pasta shells stuffed with cheese and sausage would be LOL Whatever we donít eat for dinner I will freeze in individual portions.

So there you have it! I donít have anything planned for Sunday the 23rd at all. BFís sister is arriving with her two kids (theyíre driving up to Wyoming with us), and they donít land til around 8pm, so weíll probably do a later dinner of some kind of fast food or pizza since weíre not sure how hungry they will be. I will also be baking up a storm all day long to have lots of goodies to share the following week.

I wonít have one of these posts next week or the following week, so I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday (whatever it is you celebrate)!

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    Thanks for sharing! I'll be making the stuffed pesto chicken tomorrow night for dinner since I have some fresh basil to use up. If I had access to Pinterest at work, I'd be super meal planning right now (only on in the office today...). Have a fun trip visiting the BF's family! Your desert plans sound delicious btw.

    1453 days ago
    Thank you for another awesome blog of good, yummy food. Enjoy to the fullest and I will have to try some of your yummy recipes. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Holidays to you too,
    Karen emoticon
    1453 days ago
  • -VIXEN-
    Looks like a really tasty week!! :)
    1453 days ago
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