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Losing Weight and Keeping It Cool During the Holidays

Thursday, December 13, 2012

In January, it will be exactly one year since I met my weight loss goal of 200 pounds. It took me two and a half years to lose the weight and during my first Christmas season on Spark People, I refused to eat one bite of anything that even remotely looked like a treat. I was incredibly stressed, but I did lose weight during the holiday season. The next year, it was the same thing. I told myself that the treats didn't bother me, but it did and I wouldn't even have any in the house for my own family. That was not a cool thing to do. I did continue to lose weight during the holidays, but it was at a price to my own peace of mind. Last year, I let up a little. I did have some treats in the house, but refused to go in the kitchen. When we went to a celebration, I allowed myself to have a very small taste. I did lose a little weight and it made me stop and rethink things. Was I being fair to myself and my loved ones?

This year, I totally revamped things. There is no stress about food this Christmas. I have treats in the house and they just don't call my name anymore. If I do want something, I know that I am strong enough to eat just one cookie if I really want it instead of letting it eat at me. When I have go to a get-together or party, I am allowed to have a treat if I see something that looks especially good. I wish that I had adopted this plan 3 years ago. It would have made things so much more pleasant for me and my loved ones. This year I don't want people to worry about what Kathy can and cannot eat. I didn't realize how much my eating affected other people until my niece called the other day and wanted to know if she would like me to put the dessert table in a different room from the other foods so that I wouldn't have to look at them. She was being thoughtful, but that was the first that I realized how I had let my fears show. I told her to put them with everything else and that I was going to have dessert with everybody else this year. She was very excited, not for herself, but for me. She cared about my feelings!

So this year, I am feeling cool, calm and very merry, indeed! Have a very Merry Christmas, dear Spark Friends. emoticon
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