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Life on the homefront.....crazy!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

As you know, Justin and I are are still one vehicle down with our pickup repair quote ending up being 24K ($2771) and goodness knows where we will find that amount of money anytime soon. That being said, the first problem is that Cole and I already share the BMW, while Daniel has his own vehicle.
Now that you have the picture in your head of who has what vehicle, Daniel generously offered Justin the use of all day today because our schools are closed so that side of his work is over. The offer was TILL 5.30pm because he has a drum student tonight at 6.30pm and he has invited several other musicians to the student, a game old 69 yr old widows house to jam together. But of course a jam is never just a jam, its an opportunity to inspire others to want lessons also.

This meant that Daniel spent the entire day on a bicycle which is not his normal mode of transport, and it was pretty hot today, so hes ended up burnt brown as a berry and pretty tired from the efforts....our town is a pretty hilly place.

At 4pm my mother decided that she felt like a walk on the beach and would I drive her there. Sure thing, I also felt like a walk on the beach. En route, I got a plaintive call from Daniel...."Its 4.20pm and I cant reach Justin on his cell phone!!"
That is true, the problem is, Justin's battery doesn't last longer than an hour or 2 phone calls, whichever comes first. We cant buy another one yet because the problem is an insurance claim, so we struggle on with the irritating thing while waiting for all the red tape to be completed. Hopefully soon, but that was not comforting Daniel....today.

I wasn't 100% sure what to do about that situation, so I phoned the office only to be told by the receptionist that Justin's car (Daniels) was there?? the keys were on his desk?? but she couldn't find Justin. She phoned me back 2 minutes later to say he was at Farleigh which means he was - jolly far away - on site...and his phone was off. Grrr What now?

By this time, I was on the beach and it was hot and I had Daniel on the sms constantly in a near state of panic. This is HIS BUSINESS and the student is his newest find and she pays cash in his palm with each and every lesson. All I could think to do was go past the office and get the keys from off Justin's desk, bring the vehicle back to Daniel and then fetch Justin when he found the car gone. Good plan....or so I thought.

We get to the Blue Mountain Security Village and I have to sign in.
First question...."Who are you visiting?"
"Cloud Connect" (name of Justin's company)
"Sorry ma'am those offices are closed for the day!"

Now started the long explanation about the car, the drums, the business etc.
"Sorry ma'am, I still can't help you."
No! No! No! Aah wait, a brainwave.....Beryl lives at Blue Mountain Village, so I said:
"well then, I'll visit Mrs Phinn".
"pls hold while we inform her you're here." and voila we were in......or almost. The security guard suddenly spotted my mothers ginormously fat ridge back on the back seat with her and said "Sorry ma'am, no dogs allowed" OOOH THE RED FLAG. Anyone who knows my mother knows that this dog is HER EVERYTHING.
She totally flipped her lid telling unreasonably telling the guard he had no right to tell her that her dog couldn't be in his own property....oh my goodness, such embarrassment.

After much pleading and begging and reminding my mother that her grandsons livelihood was on the line she very ungraciously got out and sat on the wall of the fountain outside with her dog. So finally, we were in....my sister and I.....we needed two drivers which is why my mom had to wait with fattipants. We passed Beryl on a walk, and laughing explain that we were "technically" visiting her and quickly filled her in. Well, shes such a game old lady, she laughed her head off and then waved us on our way.

We got to the office and it was closed, so we still could not get Daniels vehicles keys.
Drat! drat! drat!
Luckily, not too long ago the garden service flicked a stone from under their mowers accidentally and smashed his side window which has still not been repaired and only a garbage bag covers the gaping hole. I never thought I'd be happy to see that black garbage bag. Oh thank you thank you thank you....I was able to open the vehicle, get the 2 drums and the rest of his musical instruments out and load them up in my moms car trunk. Feeling better all the time, I made a quick call back to Daniel to say "calm down, got your stuff, have a nice cool bath, we are on our way back."

That should have been it, except 5 minutes later - another call. Hes had to rush off (on the bicycle) to help his friend and other drummer for the evening who had run out of fuel not too far away. So that meant, another vehicle change. Dropped my mom and her dog and car back at home, chucked all the instruments back into my brother in laws pick up and then off to where the gig would be happening. So ultimately alls well that ends well and Daniel has everything he needed.

Cole in the meantime arrived in George, shot up to Daniel to join in the gig which means that tonight they play with a Cello, a lead guitar, 2 djembe drums, 1 kit drum, 1 grand piano and one upright piano with tambourines and other hand held instruments and will Cole bring Daniel back tonight. His student is going to have SO MUCH FUN and will never now the dramatics behind the scenes to make it all happen with total professionalism.

For my part, its bath and bed because I have to be up at 6am to get Cole to the airport tomorrow to join his helicopter ride back to the rig.

Full day, full of everything crazy LOL
Wish I'd had photo's of all the expressions, the rushing, the red faces, the stoic security guard etc. But of course ones life is not always accompanied by a camera.

And you wonder why I emotionally eat.... emoticon ....but not today. I came in well within my calorie range and feel good about that.

I once was asked to write a column for our local newspaper with that very title, just all about what happens in a persons life. I NEVER ran out of STUFF to write about for the duration I wrote the column. What can I say????
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