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Day 1 of transition to maintenance

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I chose 165 for a few reasons. It was how much an Olympic skier my height weighed that I saw one day and realized that at the right build, a woman can wear spandex on TV and be this weight. I'm not there yet, but that was the thought. This is also the top weight for my height to be in line with military regs. I'm no giant, but I'm a few inches above average.

Then there's BMI. I'll be reviewing my blogs and maybe I recorded this, but my original thought was 190, then 165. Then for a while it was 162.5 or normal BMI for my exact height. But then I juggled my priorities a bit. Upper body strength is what I really want to build, and I wasn't making progress being on a diet most of the time. I finally made the shift from diet mentality, where I realized the scale is a tool, not a destination. And I realized that BMI is a shorthand for body composition (lean body mass or bodyfat %). And I decided to go back to my goal of 165. One reason was that it would be more easily doable this year.

I didn't want to pursue that extra 2.5 pounds under the duress of winter and the holidays. Strangely, this whole journey has been about taking small steps. I know myself, I could go all tiger mom and force myself to do anything. I also know winter is hard anyway; I sometimes get depressed. There are some heavy anniversaries. My family is already rattling like a Model T. As Malcolm Reynolds would say, "So here's us, on the raggedy edge. Don't push me, and I won't push you". Respecting my emotional boundaries takes a different kind of toughness.

But enough philosofizin', what's the plan?
Food: calorie cycle between calories burned (per fitbit, and start tracking sleep) and maintenance days (plus 300 for nursing). This is a change mainly in that I had been trying to eat a modified BMR, so I'm basically adding back in the calories from fitness. In addition to total calories, I am working on increasing freggies and having whole, unprocessed food. I track protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sodium, water and freggies in addition to calories, and I look at all of them when I have issues with the scale.

Strength: get more detailed with upper body. Start pyramiding sets. Find a way to set up rowing machine. I love what the treadmill is doing for my lower body tone wise so maybe get that going.

Cardio: I don't know that I need a change here, except I wonder if I really want to have 10 k steps as a goal. I see that all the time so it's hard not to think about it. Maybe I'll do it a few days a week and not do treadmill everyday. I dunno.

Motivation: Keep in touch. Keep holding on. Check in with my teams. I might need to prune them. Not sure. Get back to Tai chi for posture and stress relief. How about once a week to start. Check in with baby steps everyday. Figure out a plan or writers group.

Well, that's probably enough thinking about it. Let's go!
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