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Day 59- Highs and Lows Part 2

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here I am on the verge of 2 months back on SP, and though I knew it was gonna be a wild ride, today has seemed to be one of the wilder for me at least emotionally.

The day started out on a very high note, with a emoticon that showed I am down another 3.6 pounds emoticon The day couldn't have started any better.... well maybe, but i'm not a morning person emoticon Came downstairs and made a hot breakfast for the family for the 3rd day in a row emoticon I made Tami and I the same breakfast sandwich I made yesterday emoticon and the kids got homemade pancakes and bacon this morning which they loved. Day is off to a great start and it's just getting underway.

Workout Wednesday, time to hit the gym after the kids are off to school. I was ready to emoticon Get to the gym and I am pumped!! First up emoticon and I matched my mileage and time from Monday, 2.2 miles in 26 minutes emoticon At this point, my adrenaline is racing!! emoticon is up next, lots of arms and legs strength training to get done and when the dust settled, I was still ready for more!! The one thing I don't care for about Wednesdays is that about 10am, the high school brings a class for PE.... mind you, I think it's great that they utilize the gym for the kids, it's important for themto be healthy too.... BUT, all the teacher does is stand around and watch the TV screen and half of the kids use the time for an extended CHAT session, not really doing any exercise.... seems like a waste of my tax dollars, but I am a little cynical i guess. Anyway, knowing they were coming, I wanted to get the emoticon . Today, I rocked that baby for 6 miles in 26 minutes!! emoticon I finished my workout, with the kids there by now, with 80 squats and then we called it a day... I was still jacked up ya'll, but I was also pretty pooped.

Came home to do some posting, ate an apple with peanut butter for snack, then upstairs to get cleaned up. The day was going great!! Wednesday after workout is my implant charging day and my bible study time. So I did just that!! I always enjoy the quiet in the house when I am studying, makes for great concentration. This is the point when my emotions decided to jump ship for no apparent reason. I have mentioned before that my dad passed away here at home on August 29th. Somewhere toward the end of my study, I suddenly felt completely overwhelmed emotionally. The web page for my dads memorial is still up and it is bookmarked on my web browser. I clicked on it, and here came the tears. I haven't had really any problems with this, it's been going on 4 months, but today, it hit me like a ton of bricks! emoticon I tried my hardest to keep it silent so Tami didn't hear me.... but she and I have radar on each other and she quickly dialed in.... so I had a good cry. I also have a sixth sense.... I KNOW when something is wrong somewhere in our family and a lot of times when I know it, my emotions go haywire. That's when the day took a path south.

I received an email from my uncle, my dads brother in California, that his partner is very sick. It's a long story, but his immune system is extremely compromised and his body is worn out. Not too sure how long he will hold out, but he is still fighting. Then after dinner, another hit on our battleship. The most wonderful person a boy could ever want for his mom we find out is in the hospital again. You see, I don't have a mother. I have been excommunicated from her life again..... for the umpteenth millionth time.... and after all the years of mental and physical abuse from her, I will not go there again. However, Marlene has been like my mother for 11 years now and Tami's for almost 20 years. I love her deeply and am proud to tell people that she is the person I consider to be my mother, and that's all there is to it!! She had a heart attack a couple years ago, today they are not sure yet what is going on. They haven't ruled out a heart attack because of how elevated her blood pressure is (it is down this evening compared to where it was earlier today) her blood sugar was also through the roof and she hadn't eaten all day. So now it's in the hospital for some more tests. So as I sat here trying to figure out what the heck happened today, I decided that it was one of those days with its highs and lows. Nothing I can do to change it, it is what it is, I just move on from here.

I will end tonight with a funny story I forgot to tell you yesterday. I was working at my daughters school yesterday, and when I work there I end up in the gym for the afternoon working with the kids in PE. Yesterday was a group test on their football skills... catching, carrying and throwing.... They were in groups of 5 or 6, boys and girls mixed in each group, taking their test. Ever heard the expression "that was a one in a million shot"? They are going at it, and one of the girls, yes i said one of the girls, had one of those one in a million shots. She threw the ball just right and it hit the fire alarm box just right and set off the fire alarm!! Now, I do have to say that I was pretty impressed with the kids and their evacuation of the school..... the teachers, not so much!.... Everybody thought it was just a fire drill, little did they know what happened. Mind you, it was pouring down rain at that particular moment, so all got a good shower... then the fire truck pulled up lights on and sirens going.... the all clear was given for everybody to go back inside, the principal and office staff gave us a few glares.... hey we didn't do it!!... the fireman got a good laugh while they reset the fire alarm.

That's my story!! Have a good night and be thinking about Therapeutic Thursday, a day where you take 5 minutes of your day to do something therapeutic for yourself.

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    A day of highs and lows for sure. Congrats on the loss again this week and another great day at the gym. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle's partner being ill and very sad to hear about your "adopted" mom. I will put them in my prayers. As you know I lost my mom on Christmas 12 years ago, the first holidays are the hardest so I'm not surprised you are feeling the loss of your father right now. I'm glad you are talking about it and sharing your thoughts and feelings, it really does help.

    Wish I could give you a great big hug in person, our lives have been through many similar things and I feel your heartache. But I'll settle on sending you this virtual hug and my wishes of comfort and well being.
    1898 days ago
    1898 days ago
    It's great that you are getting your fitness on! That was a cute story about the little girl!
    1898 days ago
    You don't have to hide your emotion from me. Only I'm allowed to hide it from you emoticon I'm glad we finally heard how Mom is doing, hoping all test come back clear tomorrow.

    Love you!
    1898 days ago
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