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Uncontrollable emotions.......

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ever since I have had Hypothyroidism, I have a lot of mood swings. I used to never cry about anything but now I get angry, frustrated, cry, some days are good, etc. People in my family tell me to "just lighten up" as if it is the easiest thing to do. :O I don't expect them to understand fully because I don't even understand it fully. I just feel like my emotions take over. I am not good at hiding them either. It's really difficult. Some days, I feel like I can conquer my battles but some days I feel like it's impossible. Today is one of those impossible days. It's hard to describe unless you go through it. Of course, people go through much worse so I should just be grateful but it's not that simple. To make things worse, every singe one of my friends has some form of disordered eating. I think I may be distancing myself a bit from them because their excessive talk of dieting/weight/etc. just is not helpful. I hate these emotions. I hate that I feel like I can't control them. Even the way I am describing it sounds mild compared to the reality. It's like I am not the same person anymore & I really miss her because she was a really fun person. emoticon I am also just so tired of this back and forth. One day I feel really positive. The next day I feel like crap. Sometimes it makes me feel crazy! I hate it.

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  • SYZYGY922
    Big hugs. I have a lot of mood swings, too.

    It's very stressful, and you have my sympathy.

    1856 days ago
    Hang in there - emoticon
    1861 days ago
    There seem like no better words than to tell you that you are, and will remain, in my constant prayers! Thank you for being part of our team and also of our family.
    1862 days ago
    Is there a psychologist you could talk to about this perhaps they could work through things with you? Or maybe try some stress relievers like deep breathing and meditation may help. Just a thought. emoticon
    1862 days ago
    Everyone has good days and bad days. While it's normal, it's hard to know where the line is between the normal 'good days and bad days' and abnormal mood shifts that indicate something is wrong. Also, everyone has a right to their feelings - for someone to tell you to 'just lighten up' is not fair, because they're discounting your feelings and your right to feel as you do. You deserve to have your feelings validated, even if there is something wrong causing your feelings to be so out-of-whack.

    Have you talked to your doctor about this? There are medical conditions that cause your emotions to fly out of control, for instance menopause, brain tumors, severe fluctuations in hormones from physical damage to organs, etc. Not saying you could have any of these, just making the point that there are many conditions that could be a medical explaination for emotional instability. It's also possible that you could have depression or anxiety, which will cause your emotions to be less controlled. Both can be addressed by doctors and therapists so you can find a way through and back to your happiness. No matter what the cause, talking to your doctor is important so you can figure out what is going on.

    You know we're here to help and support you. I hope you figure out what's going on so you can spend more energy on being healthy and less on these emotional swings. No matter what your emotion is, don't forget your sparkfriends care about you!
    1862 days ago
    I'm so sorry you're feeling down emoticon I don't have issues with my thyroid but I do suffer from depression. The way I explain it to people is to tell them, (WARNING, may be tmi) the next time you have diarrhea try and stop it.

    The fact is you can't. It's physical and something we have very little control over. I'm lucky in that the medication I take for depression/anxiety works. There are many people not so lucky.
    1862 days ago
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