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The Annual Christmas Craft party preparations go on and on and ON!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

emoticon emoticon emoticon Yikes...who appointed me Christmas Craft Counselor of all time? Okay...I'm grousing..I really DO love these annual events..but no matter how EASY (yeah..e~A~s~Y) I think that particular craft will be for any given year it becomes a week of prep work.

Honestly, I can't leave EVERYTHING up to these ladies to complete start to finish or we'd be here until Christmas EVE! They talk, and eat, and DRINK emoticon a whole lot more than they craft. SOOOOO I've gotten smart over the years and actually pretty much prepared them little Christmas Craft kits.

This year I thought it would be fun to make a pinecone picture frame and each lady would bring a small picture of something special and Christmas~y that they cherish and would like to make a frame for it.

Sounds good in theory right? The instrumentation is a WHOLE lot more...no wonder Martha Stewart has an army of preppies for her segments. I need those people! emoticon

I've done NOTHING but clip my fingers blistered on those darn pinecones and then I decided I'd work up an example...yep ladies need it spelled out in show and tell style... emoticon before they venture in...spoiled, spoiled, SPOILED.

AND...what do you know..I used up a heap load of my precious pinecones JUST for the example. They may get a 'starter kit' this year and a few intact pinecones to take home and finish for Christmas homework. I don't know if I can get through more of this 'me against the pinecone' when the party is tomorrow night.

Last night I even had the hubs clipping...believe me he's such a good sport. A keeper that one. BUT...he did make a running narrative of WHY...do I do this year after year after year when I'm one of the only one's still working...isn't it time to pass the torch.

The simple answer is no. If we want the tradition to stay...it's up to me. No one will make the effort and that's just the way the snowman rolls. emoticon emoticon

And actually the night itself once all prepped and ready is GOOD GOOD fun. It's kind of my holiday gift to all my dear friends and my holiday thank you for the many years of camaraderie we've shared. Election crisis' and all. emoticon

I know them well enough (25+ years) to tell them the Craft party is absolutely a no politics, no religion spoken zone. Do they listen to me about this GREAT piece of advise....not often. emoticon

But I guess that's what makes friends friends...blistered fingers of mine and all. I love those crazy women...and I'll take pics of the party...you will too.

Here's two of the crafts we have on the agenda. I hope we make it through both. I might have to hide the vino! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

This is the pinecone picture frames

Here's our Christmas package enhancers, or bookmarks, or even plant pretties. Should be fun...tonight I'll be pre painting the kraft sticks...oh boy MORE fun! emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are so talented I am sure everything will go just fine!
    1917 days ago
    To our Martha Stewart of Spark People, (except you are so much more wonderful!) These frames & bookmakers or etc. ARE DARLING!!!! I wish I lived close enough to help you! I make marionettes, But this looks like MORE fun, mainly because you are there! You are such a Sparkling Sparker!
    PS... I live in a 2 story house, I LOVE it! Especially the master bedroom. It is behind a HUGE tree. I feel like we are in a tree house! My office/alter are up here, too! I am so blessed! We all are! Merry Christmas-y time!

    When do you leave for NYC?
    1919 days ago
    Love, love, love your art projects. May you and your participants truly have fun!
    1920 days ago
    You are an amazing, artsy, talented person.

    As I don't celebrate Christmas except being at parties and I wouldn't have a small picture of something special and Christmas~y that I'd cherish and make a frame for it, I would be the one aiding you in teaching the ladies how to go about making their treasures. It would be a blast. Drink in one hand and helping the ladies. I could go for that. Sounds like a blast of fun.


    1920 days ago
    Ahhhhh, Bobbi, reminds me of my first years teaching when there was still fun in teaching! We always did crafty things at holiday time and springtime and after a unit of study....I wonder who had the tougher crowd, your friends or 30 Christmas-crazed 9 a nd 10 year olds! Have a great time girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon
    1920 days ago
    You have such an artistic sense. The pic of the little frames shows that.

    Thanks for the update. You are truly a treasure. I wish you peace and joy this season.

    1921 days ago
    I love pine cones, pictures and picture frames so I wish I could come to your party! I promise I wouldn't talk religion or politics! Keep us posted on the outcome!
    1921 days ago
    Oh, I can so relate to this! When I was teaching, the holidays were always a stress because I made an gift for each of my students, plus prepped all the cute little craftsy things I was helping them to make. Then I retired,,, but there was still my gigantic Christmas open house which involved lots of decorating for the house and making food and libations for 40-50 people. Then, we moved away to our little piece of heaven here in the mountains.... and I have nothing I have to do during the holidays. Boy, do I miss all those stressful days! emoticon

    So, Bobbi, see your glass as half-FULL and enjoy every one of those lovely fun minutes with your friends!
    1921 days ago
    What creative events, Ms. Organizer, and despite all the work you've had to do your justification and acceptance of your hard work is the best Christmas gift of all! You'll enjoy the evening laughing and visiting with your long-time friends, celebrating the season and your friendship. Do you know how blessed you are to have so many good ladyfriends so close and for such a long time? I know you do, Bobbi, and I must admit to a slight envy; my sister, my best friend from 4th grade on and my daughters are my bestest long-time friends! None live close and so I celebrate you and YOUR friends! Merry Christmas to all and I'll look forward to pictures!

    1921 days ago
    Bobbi, you ended my day on such a happy note. I was laughing so hard I was crying at your account of your craft party woes!!! I'm sooo sorry for your woes, and you are an amazing loyal and steadfast caring friend to do this year after year for your friends. I hope they appreciate it!!! You really need to write a book. You have such talent for writing!!! You are really a hot ticket as my Mom would say. I loved the part about your husband helping too!! Wow, what a guy. My husband would have helped too. He also is a carpenter/builder or used to be before we moved here. Now he spends most of his time helping people less fortunate than us.

    The pine cone frames are really pretty and the bookmarks/plant accessories are really cute. I'm sure you and all your friends will have a ball. I enjoy reading your account of your craft night every year.

    I'm sure your count down is on to your trip to NYC. I know a handsome guy who is waiting to give you a magnificent tour of the Metropolitan Opera!!!

    Hang in there on the prep. I know you'll be glad you did it all when it's over!

    1922 days ago
    1922 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1922 days ago
    1922 days ago
    You are way too ambitious. One or the other would be plenty.
    1922 days ago
  • DS9KIE

    your crafts are cute, but you should just let the woman do it and if they don't finish... who cares
    1922 days ago
    Funny! Love the pinecone picture frames! And the bookmarks look fun to do!
    1922 days ago
    I was laughing out loud as I read your blog, my Spark friend!!!! YOU are a hoot. Most of all, you've realized that it's up to you, or the tradition would end. That sounds like it's called reality.

    Me? I've taken a different approach this year. I ALWAYS get myself involved in WAY too many holiday things, then end up feeling completely overwhelmed. So my words to myself this year were: Just say no!!!!!

    I allowed myself two things: A Saturday volunteering at the Rose Brooks Shelter Holiday Store at the mall (completed last Satureay) and adopting a single mother and one 5-year-old girl through an incredible local organization that I support). We'll be completing that shopping tonight and hope to deliver tomorrow. After that, my three word mantra goes into effect!!!!! :-0

    I admire your spirit of continuity and friendship!! And the goodies are very nice!!! Love the picture frames and the bookmarks/package enhancers/plant pretties are adorable!!!

    1922 days ago
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