Got a scare today

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our greyhound gave us a good scare this morning. When i let her out, I realized I had forgotten the remote for the back yard light. I went back in to grab it, and came out and saw the back gate wide open and our dog Maggie crumpled in a heap in the snow. I ran to her and figured she had slipped in the snow and had broken something. She was trying to move, not just couldn't coordinate her legs. I tried to help her, but she is too heavy for me to handle. I ran to get my husband, and when i got back out side, she had managed to get to the back step by the door. I managed to get her inside and she acted dazed and stunned. We got her to lay down on the rug in the kitchen and figured we needed to take her to the emergency vet. Then she got up and staggered into the living room. Hubby got her to lay down again and it appeared nothing was broken, no legs. Jim, my husband went out to check the back and his suspicions were correct, she had run probably full speed into the chain line gate in the dark. The metal latch was bent. We think she could have knocked herself out or at least got stunned and went down from hitting the gate. I can't believe that she didn't do more damage. I am sure she is hurting from hitting it that hard. We did go to work and she was up and appeared okay when we got home. She has eaten okay, but she is pretty subdued and quiet tonight. She was very lucky and so were we. I had horrible visions of coming home to her being in bad shape if something had happened internally and we wouldn't know about it until it was too late.

Needless to say, neither of us had any breakfast this morning. Just going to be one of those days. I grabbed a bagel at work to munch on while doing payroll and had my salad I had fixed last night for lunch. Shot leagues tonight and had a really decent score, my best one in a long time for me. 795 out of 900 points which puts me at 88%. Hubby shot his worst ever score, 815/900. He just couldn't get it together tonight. That puts him at 90%. He usually is in the 850's or higher.

Made a nice baked onion dip tonight for our Holiday party at work. It's a potluck and I found the recipe on SP and it sounded really good and easy to make. Made enough so there was some left over for us in a small dish when I baked it. We both tried it and it was tasty.

Worked on gun club renewals tonight too. Only had 7 come in today. Have officially reached the half way point for them. Only around 350 left to go! Will get hot and heavy now. I have been doing them since October, and they are due by Dec. 31st, so members waiting until the last minute are running out of time. My mail man loves me for sure. emoticon

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