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Monday, December 10, 2012

Ever wonder what you can give away at Christmas that doesn't cost a lot money? These gifts can even be given to strangers we meet along the way of the hustle and bustle of shopping for the "perfect" over priced gift. These ideas would have worked during Thanksgiving as well, but they can be carried out during this Christmas season too. Let's take a look at some ideas and see what would work for you.

1. Thank others personally via a phone call, face book, e-mail, note, for who they are and what they mean to us.

2. We can thank every waitress/waiter with kind words of blessing and if we can, leave a nice tip.

3. When we go to the store, thank the checkers and baggers with an appreciation from our heart for their service day after day which is a thankless job most of the time.

4. Take the time to personally thank bus drivers, attendants, nurses, coctores, receptionists, mail carriers, secretary, hostesses that make your experiences easier and better.

These ideas may seem trival to you or you may be thinking, " Why shoudl I do that? Some of these people don't deserve my thanks. It's their job. They get paid to do these things. What difference does it make if I thank them or not? "

Well, let's think about this. God gives thanks for his creation every day. He shows a love worth thanks through giving us his son Jesus even when we "didn't deserve it" and he encourages and lifts us up even when it should be "our job" and we all know what a "difference it makes" to experience the love of our Heavenly Father.

Let's all decide to make Christmas the season of thanks giving as often as we can. When we do this, we are not only giving thanks away, we are showing others the Love of our Heavenly Father, who gave us the very best gift ever..the birth of his son Jesus. I give God thanks for that personally. How about you?

A side note: I want to thank our Pastor for these wonderful thoughts he shared with us. Now I can pass them on to you.
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