RE: My Last Blog, That I Wrote, Down 2 Days, Ago.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Re: My last Blog, that i wrote, down 2 days, ago before some, nasty person (you know, exactly who you, are no names, mentioned !!!! lol, lol lol), deleted it from, this page &, who also deleted, some Personal Information, from my Sparkpage, 2 of which, i am very, very angry about.

It because of, this episode that, has happened i, know longer like, coming on this, Website as this, person has hurt, me & made, me very very, upset & unhappy, whether i come back, on this website, after the Xmas, & New Year, Holidays that will be, up to me, to decide but, i was very.

Very happy on, here until this, angry incident happened, now i am, very very sad, again (i, spent my whole, weekend crying &, in many many, floods of tears, the person who, did this was, in higher authority, & i have, written to them, already explaining what, has happened to, me TBC TBC TBC TBC
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    Some great advice to you from other Sparkies and worthy of you and me taking heed.
    I've had randoms reply to my blogs and when I've tried to reply I couldn't as their details were greyed out. I put it down to people having nothing better to do with their lives than come on here and be petty. This site is for me helpful for health reasons - healthy mind, body and spirit being the ultimate aim. I have learned a lot about myself simply by writing blogs and reading those of others, plus tracking food and exercise & journalling. Have a great day & get things into perspective.
    1898 days ago

    1899 days ago
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    1899 days ago
  • DAP1313
    I am so sorry this happened to you. Please do not leave, as I enjoy reading your blogs though I don't always reply to them. I would miss you!

    1900 days ago
    I didn't even know you COULD delete another person's blog. And why would anyone do it? Remember: Another person's opinion will never alter the facts. It's not worth being upset. I'd report to a Sparkcoach that someone has tampered with your blog, but other than that, I'd ignore it. If you let him (her?) get to you, he won. Just shrug, you stumbled across another idiot in this world (there are, alas, many) and move on.
    1900 days ago
    well i do not hurt anyone . would never delete anthers blog . it is there place to take it away . not mine . sorry .
    1900 days ago
    emoticon We are all different! I can be your friend and not like or sometimes agree but I would never be hurtful! I am shocked that someone would be so mean on this site. Maybe they are the ones that need to leave but that is my opinion! emoticon
    1900 days ago
    Contact a spark coach. I didn't know someone could get in and change our pages. I thought only we had access to that.
    1900 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Ask Spark people for help. That should not have happened. Keep sparking. I am sorry that happened to you.
    1900 days ago
    Please contact Spark to find out how this happened. If someone clicked that you had an inappropriate post, then this could happen BUT I'm under the impression that Spark would send you a SparkMail about this. Please contact them....& find out why & how. Don't just leave & give away everything you have achieved here.
    1900 days ago
    Please rethink leaving SparkPeople. If you leave, you will only hurt yourself and the friends you have made. Don't let one rude or mean person make you leave! They are the one with the problem. Come on, stay--please? I would be happy if you stayed.

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    1900 days ago
    emoticon I don't know what happen or why, but I'm sorry you're leaving and your feelings are hurt.
    1900 days ago
    I'm not sure I understand what happened, you are the only person who can delete your blogs and information on you SparkPage. And, of course, SparkPeople itself.

    But sweetie, you do have way, way too much personal information on your SparkPage. Anyone could use that information to find you in real life, to steal your identity, to stalk you. It is just not safe to put your full name, birthday, address and other specific information (family members' names, etc.) on the Internet like this.
    1900 days ago
  • KITT52
    ask the experts for help. no one should be able to delete your info unless they have access to your computer.....or live in your home...

    Have a healthy day
    1900 days ago
    why would some one delete a blog that anyone wrote I thought that a blog was to chat and tell obout ourselves
    I guess I am wrong

    I hope you have a good day
    1900 days ago
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