Getting used to my face

Monday, December 10, 2012

The title may sound strange but this is exactly my new goal: "to get used to what my face looks like now."

You see, even when I was obese - 80 kg for 150 cm. I was relatively pretty (at least that is what people said). In fact no one really new that I was obese because I knew how to hide it with my clothes and my face was not hideous. They never new the statistics, the weight, the BMI and the high sugar level.

This was me at 80 kg .... my heaviest

I was never brave enough to photograph my whole body....

I am currently working on accepting my body as it is. It is not perfect, not bikini ready. But it is healthier.

As for my face ... Well ... I am also working on accepting it. I still like it but my dilemma is that before I was used to finding comfort in my baby cheeks.

Now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I cannot believe the person staring back. No doubt, I find myself beautiful. I accept the new me. These features are what God gave me and I will love it wholeheartedly.

Nonetheless, it is still quite a shock sometimes. I have cheekbones now. I do not need a ton of eyeliner and make up. A natural look really works. My pimples are gone gone !

Little by little I am accepting the new me.
The better, healthier me.

So yes, I do not know if anyone has gone through this. I'm sure someone has.

Let us praise ourselves for our efforts.


LOOK AT ME NOW - December 2012- I am dedicating my time learning how to maintain this now emoticon

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