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Monday, December 10, 2012

Starting to remember dreams after I wake, it's twice in a couple of months it's happened, when the usual rate seemed to be once every two years. But of course, that could be a product of faulty memory in and of itself. Anyway, after about 4 hours of sleep, I woke from a dream of a carousel breaking apart. Rather than do the smart thing of rolling over and going back to sleep, I reached for the phone to soon the darn wheel. 56 day streak, don'tcha know? Feel like DiMaggio. But then I saw on the friend feed that someone listed a blog and it had links, and those links had links and now it's an hour later and I'm awake. Must say, I've developed some bad habits that I'd be well off unlearning.

Anyway, this early AM, I'm musing on the bounty of gym visits I've harvested in the past 6 weeks. In this space, I've previously noted how I'd hardly ever go to the gym when I lived 2 miles away, and am making the effort now that I'm 8 miles away. Hoping to continue going to the gym when I get to Michigan, but we'll see if that happens. Need to replace ugly t shirt with some other carrot, for one thing.

Having gone to the gym so often, Sunday's trip seemed a little tame. About a half hour on the stationary bike, the same on the elliptical, 10 minutes rowing. Didn't shoot a basketball or hit the punching bag, thought about doing exercise ball stuff ( crunches, largely) but declined for going home to watch the Lions and Packers play.

On the drive home, I'm thinking to myself, wow, what a slacker I was today. And it took a couple of minutes to cut through that thought and realize that two months ago, my reaction would have been more along the lines of "good job getting to the gym woo hoo".

Now, I'm not entirely sure that this is a good thing. The accelerated pace is borough on entirely by the need to go often enough to get that t shirt before I move away. If I hadn't been on the verge of moving, I think I'd still go more often because of that dangling prize, but it'd be at a much much more relaxed pace. And as such, even if I find and join a gym in Michigan soon, I'm unlikely to recreate the 4-5 times a week pace I've been hitting lately. Curious how I'll react then, given the (mild) self-critism I found myself indulging in when, objectively, I did put in an hour of exercise.

Given the thoughts above, is the key here that it was an hour, or that the nature of the hour might not have been as intense as recent such hours. My answer's probably changed from a couple of months ago, and might be different yet a couple of months hence.

One other thought occurring to me and needing recording lest I forget about it before I next wake up: despite all this recent exercise...I DON'T love exercise. I don't have a need to get to the gym, except for the incentive mentioned ad nauseum. Fear that's a recipe for backsliding.
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    Trick is finding something you do love that's active and doing that. I am not a cardio fan whatsoever never have been. What keeps me doing cardio is trying to go further and faster than the time before. It's a little game I play with myself and it works. Try it it may work for you as well.
    1925 days ago
    Make your own ugly t-shirt! Or, whatever. Reward system. You know what I mean.

    It's corny, yeah, and it does require some self-control to not just go break down and buy whatever it is that you want right then, but rewards are working for me, for sure, this go-around.

    Right now, I'm chasing a new pair of workout shorts and my first-ever professional massage. I get the shorts for making it from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day without a weight gain. Since I actually am, right now, fighting back from a weight gain, it was a well-thought-out carrot. I'll make it, though, because I don't have that much ground to gain and I really do want the damn shorts. The massage I get after running my first official 5K in March. That's the one I'm *seriously* looking forward to!

    So, make your own ugly t-shirt...or maybe I should make one for you! Maybe all your SparkFriends should! How fun would that be to get random super-ugly shirts from people you've never met, just for hitting your goals!

    Just me? Yeah, well... I think it would be funny!

    Hang onto your mojo, Ahtrap!

    1926 days ago
    I'm an exercise hater myself - and there's always that fear of just getting lazy about it. I guess we just have to set goals and then stick to them no matter what.
    1926 days ago
    I hope you earn that shirt!!
    1926 days ago
    I know the feeling...but we do this because we WANT to take care of ourselves... be your own best friend! emoticon
    1926 days ago
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