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Rest Day

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Today is Sunday. It's a non-running day, after the long slow run yesterday. The plan was to get a walk in the afternoon, and lift weights late afternoon or evening.

I got up this morning with DOMS from lifting weights Friday. Didn't have that yesterday, dunno why it delayed more than usual. The DOMS was gone by the time I got out of church, but how creaky I felt this morning was a clue.

As is typical on Sundays, I got to mid-afternoon without very many steps on the pedometer. Took a 5K walk at a gentle pace to ensure I'd get my 10K steps in. Set out to lift weights just before dinner.

I was tired. Felt like napping. That's another clue.

So instead of lifting weights, I went to dinner. Felt better after I ate something, but still decided to let the weights slide. I think my body is telling me it needs a rest day today. Of course, "rest" is relative; I did my usual pullup du jour (chinups today) and pushups in the morning, and I do have over 10K steps on the pedometer; but I haven't run, I haven't lifted weights, and I even skipped the Turkish getups this morning.

I'd like to say I'll get back to things tomorrow, but that's unlikely. The work outlook is that I won't have time for a run or a weight lifting session on Monday or Wednesday this week. So I guess I have to be sure to get the scheduled run in on Tuesday, and lifting weights would be good too.

But . . . it will be a late evening Monday and another late evening Wednesday. If I end up short on sleep, the weight lifting may have to slide till Thursday or even Friday this week.

I'll survive. Next week shouldn't be as crunched as this week, and I should be able to get back into things. But I needed to write this out to fix it in my mind. I don't expect to find time to blog tomorrow or Wednesday, and Tuesday is uncertain. Just have to see how the work week goes, and do the best I can on the fitness front.

From a scheduling perspective, today would have been a good day to lift weights. But the body needs a rest day now, so a rest day it is. There will be time to pick the weights up again later in the week.
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