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My Own Private Summer

Sunday, December 09, 2012

I remember a few years ago when the seasons would change, I would put away my summer clothes and get out the winter ones. Yep, that’s what I used to do. Somewhere tucked away in a few boxes are some nice winter sweaters, shirts and pants (hopefully too big now), but I haven’t bothered to get them out the last couple of years. Instead, I am wearing my summer clothes year round.

Why? Because I would have a meltdown during a hot flash if I was wearing heavy winter clothing. Oh my gosh, how long do hot flashes last? It’s going on three years now, so surely this will end soon. Each day I put on my summer clothes and then put on a light sweater. Then all day long it’s sweater on, sweater off, sweater on . . . (You get the picture). They even make fun of me at work with my own little personal fan blowing on me. And I won’t even go into the constant cover on, cover off thing all night long while I’m attempting to get some sleep! I also fear a palace revolt at home as I listen to constant complaints about how cold it is in our house. Really? It feels pretty good to me! emoticon

I also have a ChapStick addiction and carry it with me all the time. I used to carry it in my pants pocket, but I can’t do that anymore either. Did you know that hot flashes can actually cause it to begin to melt in your pocket? Never had that problem before the hot flashes. Now I have to leave it on my desk at work, and at home I have tubes strategically placed around my house for quick access! LOL. emoticon

I’m even beginning to feel guilty because we hear so much about global warming and I’m thinking I may be personally contributing to it. My apologies to you all.

I’m really hoping that someday soon I will be able to once again dress like everyone else. For now though, I’ll continue to pull my hair up off my neck, keep my fan handy and wear my summer clothes.

I hope you all have a great week!

emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Cindy, I laughed so hard reading this. Having gone through this I can certainly relate. Mine were not this bad, however. I relied on soy tablets to help and a friend went to a health foods store and had a reccomendation from a sales rep there for help and it was a form of soy that helped her. Hope you can find some relief and I look forward to the next blog. emoticon
    1774 days ago
    Keep your chin up, keep hydrated, and keep your sense of humor! That having been said, it still really stinks, doesn't it!! Lol! Xoxo, Deb
    1774 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    First off, let me say: You are FUNNY, Cindy! Thanks for the laugh:) You're gonna hate me when I say I flew through menopause, but I have watched two of my friends take the long suffering route. One has a fresh nightie beside her bed each night -- for years now. The other wears four layers to work, and rotates them throughout the day, most times, each hour, so I do know what you're talking about! Menopause ain't for sissies!
    Good for you for keeping your sense of humour -- it's the only way:)
    Deirdre emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1775 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
    I hope it all goes away really soon!
    1775 days ago
    Sad to hear about this! I know my time is coming...I am 46 so it is soon on its way!

    I have heard that there is something natural that can really help with hot flashes although I don't remember what it is.

    1775 days ago
    Are you using Hormone Replacement Therapy? That can prolong your menopause.
    1775 days ago
    Cindy, love your sense of humor!! I've found that if you can find the laughter it makes the situation so much easier to deal with!! Hang in there, this too shall pass, as they say. In the meantime, imagine yourself in a tropical location when things start heating up emoticon emoticon
    PS....Thor looks adorable emoticon
    1775 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/9/2012 4:41:12 PM
  • ODAT1117
    That is hilarious!!! :-)

    I'm 48 and I've only had a few REAL hot flashes. I used to have a problem with night sweats but since I've gone gluten free.........no more!!! When I was having trouble with the sweats and some other symptoms, my gynecologist recommended taking an herb called "Holy Basil" - not basil - "holy" basil. OMG does it work!!!!!!! Those crazy mood swings disappeared almost completed and so did the sweats. I don't need to take it anymore since I went gluten free (after I learned I was gluten intolerant) but I know it's there if I need it. I'm glad it was something my doc had recommended and not something I had just heard about or tried on my own. The capsules taste kind of peppery and it tends to try out my mouth but that's okay because it just makes me drink more water. Anyway, that's what worked for me. I really hope you find some relief and that you fly through the rest of this phase of "growing up" very very quickly. :-)

    Thanks for sharing and writing this blog! It's great to find tidbits to keep a smile on my face. :-D

    Oh, HAPPY DAY!!
    1775 days ago
    Glad you can have a sense of humor about it. I had a hysterectomy about 17 years ago, including ovaries, so I went through an instant change then. But I tend to get too hot easily in the summer and in winter like to be a little cool too. At home I wear shorts and a tank top much of the time inside. And I keep my house cooler too. I hardly ever wear pullover sweaters although I have a few, because I get too hot in them in a room that's at "normal" temperature such as 70 degrees or so. Hope this passes for you soon.
    1775 days ago
    Oh Cindy....
    It's so great to go through this stage of your life with grace and humor.......gotta' have humor!!
    I had years of intense hot flashes.....I mean 3-6 times an hour, day in and day out. Hardly had night sweats, tho' ===mmmmmm, strange.

    Then they were over! Joy.....

    Now they're back. Not so much joy..... I get these 'flushes' regularly - and at random - due to the Lupus and the steroids. So I hear 'ya! I go out into 20 degree weather without socks!! I keep my windows open - almost all the time.....and I can't wear fleece anymore --- sob, sob.... I sweat so much.

    So.....count your blessings, lady!! One day your flashes will be gone ---- emoticon and you'll have your life back.
    In the meantime --- hang in there --- as I know you are!

    emoticon Libby
    1775 days ago
  • _JODI404
    I love that you have a wonderful sense of humor about it! I know that must be pretty miserable. I'm not there yet, and I hope I get as many years of reprieve from it as possible!! emoticon (sending cool thoughts your way).
    1775 days ago
    I feel ya hunny! Some days/weeks are good. Then BAM! There was a point a couple of months ago that I thought I was gonna DIE! Those pesky hormones have a mind of their own for sure! emoticon
    1775 days ago
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