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Day 283: Making the Best

Sunday, December 09, 2012

From day to day we play emotion games with ourselves. We try and contain certain emotions while trying to figure out if it is ok and or an appropriate time to feel others. This can lead to some days being emotion roller coasters while others are emotional drains because since we don't feel like dealing with any at the time, we are drained by holding back all of them. In the end sometimes we can end up just feeling tired and confused wondering what it is we feel at all. Trying to remember to keep clarity and peace can feel like a game as well. Remembering to breath and listen to what it is we're feeling. To deal with each feeling individually. The game of life and respect and uncertainty. What day is today? Who will be in charge of the emotional chess game? Who will take the pawn?
Today is a day that will be good and peaceful because we will be in charge of this game. We will win. We will control our emotions and our eating and our exercise. Today will be a good day. A loving day. A strong day. A victorious day. We will be ok.

*none of this may make any since. it's just another brain drain. Have a good day. :)
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