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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Today as I sat at my home office desk, 3 months into my new job and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of me, various papers scattered about like leaves under a tree, I recalled something from earlier in the year when out of the corner of my eye I'd turned to see the tiniest and one of the busiest of creatures flitting about amongst the trumpet vine growing up the west side of the house just a few feet away; a hummingbird, busy with the day's work of collecting nectar from the flowers, one of its sources of food.

A smile had automatically spread across my face—I couldn't help it. And I suspect anyone who would come across this remarkable being would take a moment to witness the tiny elegance and guileless charms would succumb to its joyful dance as I had. Their movements are captivating. They're so quick and agile. One moment they're in one spot and the next somehow appear a few inches to the left.

Another time, just days prior, I was having lunch outdoors when a crow flew by a few feet in front of me. And then another caught my attention, this one strutting along—as only crows can do—just a few feet to my right. I thought then, "Do you need a third sign?" at which point I turned my head away slightly just in time to observe yet a third crow swooping skyward, adding an exclamation point from Crow spirit. "Okay," I muttered, "I surrender. I'll do it."

So what about these stories makes them so unique? What do they have in common? From one perspective, they're just interesting stories about my experiences with these three visitors from the animal kingdom. From a rational point of view there's not much else to them.

Yet what's compelling about these stories is that I knew and felt each of these animals was delivering a message from Spirit for me. It wasn't only the physical animals themselves that were communicating something to me. Instead the collective spirit of each of these species was attempting to deliver a message. In other words, it wasn't just the hummingbird or crows that were showing up in a way that connected so strongly with me, but in addition each particular animal was showing up as a representative of their entire species. Specifically, the spirit or essence of their particular species, which can also be referred to as the oversoul of that species.

So on one hand, the hummingbird was just being . . . well, a hummingbird. But the fact that I turned to see it at just the right time, itspresence lifting my spirits and made it so I couldn't help but smile, suggested that something more was going on. The spirit of this tiny but powerful being connected directly with my soul, even before I could articulate what was being communicated. Once I got the connection, not only did I perceive the physical hummingbird dancing amongst the geraniums, but also the presence of Hummingbird, implies the presence of the spirit animal.

This world is magical in this way and is always communicating with us, particularly through the animals. Those of us in the western world have been raised with cultural values that have taught us to see the natural world as outside and disconnected from us, with its main purpose being to supply our own human needs. Unlike those in indigenous and ancient cultures that have existed much closer to Nature, we tend to view the world with eyes trained in the illusion of objectivity, that we're somehow separated from it all. Since our long ago ancestors had to rely on Earth Mother to provide their basic survival needs, they learned out of necessity to communicate with the other beings on this planet and how to discern the meanings and messages from these other beings. Of course many of these other beings were, you guessed it, the animals.

Fortunately, I'm noticing a revival of some of these old ways at least in my life, and realizing that indigenous peoples and our long ago ancestors must have known something about the natural world that had been lost to us. We've suffered from a severe case of cultural amnesia, of dreaming a false dream, of being forgetful of our intimate and intertwined relationship with the Earth and all of Her children. One manifestation of this awakening is how many of us are renewing and revising our relationship with the animals and opening ourselves to their guidance and teachings. The spirit of the animals wants to help us live in harmony with the Earth, to offer help, inspiration, and healing. They only require us to be willing to ask and to receive their counsel.

In the personal examples I shared with you, each of these beings brought messages that were incredibly helpful for me given the circumstances in which I was involved. In the first instance, the Hummingbird's message was to lighten up and to be flexible with the challenges that I was facing as evidenced by the automatic smile that plastered my face at the sight of her. Couldn't have been more perfect and a much needed message at that time! I do like it when my animal spirit guides are direct and straightforward like that.

Then there were the crows. Now, I know it's not unusual to see crows since their quite social and hang around human beings frequently, but I took these successive sightings as Spirit emphasizing that it would be best to go ahead and accept the position. And ya know I couldn't be more happy and content with my decision to go back fultime.

My question to you now is this. How many recall a time when you thought an animal was trying to communicate with you. This could be a domesticated animal or an animal in the natural world. And you all know how many animals I have. Mine do it all the time, literally.

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    Went to a meditation group, and one excercise was to visualize your totem animal. after rejecing my first few ideas ( bear-too scary, deer-too meek, etc) crow came to mind. They seem smart, social and sometimes funny, seemed right for me. Now when I see them I look for messages from the universe. emoticon Congratulations on your new job.
    1927 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/13/2012 8:42:39 PM
  • 1EMMA2011
    emoticon Love the spirits talking through the birds. I have always kept a black cat in the house! They are adorable! Thank you for the cute picture!
    1931 days ago
    Since I don't have pets anymore, I communicate with the birds mainly. And believe me, they do "speak", and train as easily as a pet. Just put some food out for them and see what wonderful memories they have! lol
    1931 days ago
    Definitely enjoy the small things in life. I, too, have had to slow down at work to enjoy my life. Hang in there!
    1932 days ago
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