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Saturday, December 08, 2012

OK! Check this out.... I needed to get dressed in a hurry for work a couple of days ago (I overslept lol) and I reached into the closet and pulled out some jeans...raced down the steps and my daughter says, "Momma...your pants...." Now, I'm rushing so I'm like come on get your coat on we gotta go!! And she says, "But your pants are falling down..." Just as she says that I feel the jeans falling off my butt. LOL I look down at them and they are HUGE on me. I race up stairs and get the next size down, throw them on and race back down the steps. Carolyn says, "Um Momma....what's wrong with all your pants??" I look down and they are HUGE on me LOL I race back up the steps (surprised that I'm not winded and wheezing) put on ANOTHER pair of pants (yes, I have a couple sizes of weight used to fluctuate alot), race down the steps and out the door. When I get to work I notice that these pants aren't falling down (yay) and they fit good (hooray) and they make my booty look nice (Oh Yeah!!). I change into my scrubs and put the same size on I always do (I like em bigger so I have room!!) and one of my coworkers says, "You might want to reconsider that size and go to a smaller size..." I look in the mirror...those damn pants are HUGE!!! I mean like I can fit another half of me in there. So, I'm smiling secretly to myself :3 I kept the pants on though...I'm in a bit of denial. Well, I feel like the smaller scrubs wont fit because they look small. lol I'm very happy that I seem to have dropped two pant sizes and it shows me that although when I look into the mirror and don't think I see a change, there is indeed a change. And it was just the encouragement and affirmation I needed to continue on with what I'm doing. :) Made me very happy. :) And my daughter got a kick out of it too! lol She told her teacher at school "My Mom had to change her pants two times because they kept falling down!" lol
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