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My effort is water...time is a sponge. Keepin on though.

Friday, December 07, 2012

If the effort I put out were like a puddle of water, the limited amount of time I have to get all that I need to get done would be a large sponge. It sucks all the water up. I try to make use of the whole day but there is never enough time to get it all done. The sponge is full just about every single day.

I realized this when I was trying to figure out how to get errands done. Some days just aren't possible. I have a new job now and I spend 3 hours a night working. My days are watching my son. I get about an hour from the time that my husband gets home before work and that time I'm preparing dinner. I have time to run errands during the day but my son can only tolerate about an hour or two of car time before he begins screaming.

No exercise is taking place. I was walking before but its getting cold out and my son has been sick this past week. He was hospitalized with croup from a flu virus strain. He even had his immunizations. Pooh. He's better now though.

When the doctor told me he would likely get croup everytime he got sick from these kinds of viruses, I've decided not to put him in daycare. I figured I could work nights while hubby has him during the day. I love my job which makes the situation better and I feel good knowing I can contribute. I love getting a paycheck too.

We bought a treadmill from my mom's co-workers son. We paid $150. It looked good. However the day before we picked it up it was having some technical issues. They told us they would have someone look at it before we gave them money and so next day comes they said it was acting better. They turned it on for us....seemed fine and so we left with it. When we got it home, I could not even walk on it before it shut off. To have a repair man even show up at this point will cost us $150. I called my mom and told her to call her co-worker and co-worker's son about the issues, stating we can't afford repairs. We just asked if we could bring the treadmill back and just get our money back. They said no. They said that we must have broken it when we were taking it home. We never even had a chance to walk on it. I knew the day it was acting up should have been a red flag. Now we have a broken treadmill taking up space in our home. Some friends. If I ever see that woman's face my mom works with again, I might punch her! I've never wanted to fight someone so bad and I can't even run off my frustrations on that stupid machine.

So we're pricing repair options before throwing the towel and trying to sell broken. Its been hard for my sister too lately. She has spent all of her sick time plus some extra days from surgery and flu. She hasn't made enough to pay her bills. So I'm trying to help her by selling some of her goods on ebay. I have coach purse and wallet out there right now with some good feedback so we're both excited.

I'm trying to get in touch with Indigent care at the hospital. In one year we,ve racked up 10,000 dollars in hospital bills for Joey. 2 weeks of special care plus my cesarean section. One ER visit for fever and one night of a hospital stay for croup. We have only been on one income and on one insurance plan up until this point. When I found out my mom's stupid greedy co-worker received indigent care because her work does not provide an insurance plan, I decided I might qualify. She and her husband only have his insurance plan and he makes alot of money, enough for them to own a huge amount of land on their home plus a vacation house plus two boats and she brags about it. Guess I know where her son learned it from. It's gonna hurt one day when karma bites her in the a--!!

With my son all day I have no time still to exercise. I'm up to 258. I work til 1AM, shower and in bed by 2AM. Up by or 10 with son. He usually naps again at noon and I gues I could exercise then but I usually get back in bed with him. I don't know how other moms do it. Maybe if I just used him as Cardio is impossible with him crawling all over my feet and if I put him in a pack and play, he just screams and I find it too annoying to deal with. He's screaming at me right now in his crib so I better go.

All in all there's alot better going on here. I'm fighting to get our finances back in order. I'm fighting to figure out how to best deal with my weight but so far just coming up short on that end. I've got four cavities to fill in my teeth and have had to reschedule the last four times with a dentist. Hopefully though, I'm going to switch to a dentist who is available on Fridays so I might get help from my husband who has every other Friday off. I still have not fully address my vitamin D issues yet either. Just too much else going on. If I ever get some of this stuff accomplished, I'll let you know.

I mostly just wanted to vent about the treadmill situation. Gotta run.

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    Sorry you are having issues with your new treadmill. I hope everything gets worked out without more issues.

    I hope your little one is feeling better soon and that you are able to find some time for yourself! Make sure you are taking care of YOU, because without taking care of YOU first, you can't take care of others.

    Good for you for staying home with Joey. I stayed at home with my kids until they were 7 and 10, and it was so worth it! We struggled financially, but I don't regret it for a minute!

    Have a wonderful day! emoticon
    1930 days ago
    Instead of going through your mom, you might approach the guy yourself. Maybe as a compromise, he could pay half of the repairs. Likely the $ is alreayd spent that you gave him. If you can't exercise, you should be really strict about your food. I think you can lose weight without fitness, but you have to give up carbs or go really low-cal. Giving up carbs isn't so bad once you get used to it. If you can get your hands on a copy of South Beach Diet, it has a lot of ideas for low-carb eating that is not that difficult.

    Lately I've been into an approach to fitness called NEAT. The premise is that even with a good workout, many of us are still sedentary for the rest of the time and that's not good even if the workout was a vigorous one lasting 30 minutes. So I try to get up throughout the day and jog in place or do some kind of calisthenic that I have learned from the old days in gym class or from one of the myriad videos I've seen. I also like doing the Wii Fit I borrowed from my sister. My weight actually went down this week! My ability to jog in place is gettting better too.

    Hope you resolve that treadmill issue. Keep on sparking!
    1930 days ago
    Shame on your mom's co-worker's son. It sounds like they had every intention of unloading a worn out treadmill. You would think that this woman would not want to do this to your mother. They must be trashy, scum-bags.

    I certainly hope that Joey doesn't get croup all the time. What a bummer.

    I hope that you can get some of these stressful situations resolved and find some time for yourself soon.
    1930 days ago
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