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November Progress & December Goals

Friday, December 07, 2012

Well, I almost waited too late, but need to be accountable for myself, so here goes!

1. Fitness minutes - 1000 for November - DID NOT MEET. BUT, I did get 500 minutes! And I began seeing my Chiropractor for some Graston treatments for my Plantar's hopefully it is on the mend. I've never had such a lingering and painful episode of this malady!

For December: Once I can walk again, (ha, I still walk like Frankenstein, but once I get warmed up it's a little more graceful!) then I'm going to begin stepping up my training for the Berry 10 K in March. Will continue to use cross training to build up my stamina. And I hope to incorporate "eccentric" exercise (see the Smarter Science of Slim" website for more info.)

2. Food and Nutrition: I will stick to SANE foods 6 days per week. MET!!!! I have had a total of 3 blow-it days since 10/23/12. I'm down 10 lbs, and feel so much better.

FOR December: Continue to eat SANEly MOST of the time. SANE food is described in "The Smarter Science of Slim". The free podcasts on iTunes are awesome, and reflect and expand on the material in the book. I highly recommend that you try the podcasts first, access the free website, and then if you like it, you can get the book on Amazon.

3. Work: Limiit myself to 40 - 45 hours per week in October. MET!

For December: Keep working 40 - 45 hours per week.

4. Attitude: Be Positive, inspire others, be kind, supportive, focused, the best Friend, Mom, Grandma and Girlfriend (ha, at my age?!) that I can! I think i was awesome in this endeavor, so I'm going to say YESSSSS!!!!

For December.....I have officially dropped this goal, but will continue to incorporate positivity into my life at every opportunity!

5. Taking care of my dry skin. Progress is being made, but I'm still trying to get my hands back to a good place. With all the washing and chopping veggies, making wreaths and other prickly kinds of decorating stuff, I'm still sort of beat up, but I do see progress. The coconut oil hs been awesome for arms & legs. The improved diet has been as responsible for improving my dehydrated skin as the external care!

For December: I will continue to monitor this closely.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Thanks for being so supportive of my efforts and random ramblings. You are amazing friends and I count on you daily for inspiration. How blessed is that?

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