The Taste of SWEET Success!

Friday, December 07, 2012

On Dec. 4, I asked myself what it would take to feel good about the month of December as it relates to my healthful journey. Not just good ... really GREAT kind of good.


The answer, to me, was obvious. I want to celebrate Christmas this year knowing I won't have to backtrack in January to assess the damage that was done between Thanksgiving and New Year's and begin rebuilding myself. I want to enter January feeling stronger, healthier, lighter, and even more determined. That's when I came up with this Streaking to Christmas idea (see my 12/5 blog post for more info).

Today was the first of many holiday gatherings that I will be attending. I don't want to send my regrets to events because it's the people who really make the event, not the food. I have all of the necessary tools in my tool box to survive the celebrations. The most important tools are determination and willpower. I have those and I want good health for myself and those I love. What better way to inspire others than to walk the walk! I may have a little extra if you need to borrow some!


I offered to bring the vegetable platter today because I knew that would help me stay on track. I brought a wonderful assortment of celery, carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and orange, yellow, green and red bell peppers, as well as hummus and some light ranch dip. The tables were overflowing with food ... a hoagie platter, mac and cheese, pasta salad, cocktail franks in sweet 'n sour sauce, hot sausage, fruit, and an abundance of cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, and assorted cakes.

My strategy: about 30 minutes before the party, I ate half of a banana. I consumed 40 oz of water this morning, along with another bottle of water at
the party, and I reminded myself this is day 4 of my Streak. I am not breaking my streak--it just isn't going to happen!

I totally rocked that party!


I don't feel disappointed or deprived and better yet, I don't feel disgusted with myself. I feel like I can almost taste the success of my day 4. I'm not sure I have ever felt this proud of myself when it comes to feeling like a true champion. It's just one battle, but if you win enough battles, you win the war! My mindset is solid and I'm focused on my goals.

Ain't no stoppin' me now. Bella's got her groove back!!!!!

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