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PUSH THAT TUSH – From Warrior Princess to Yoda

Friday, December 07, 2012

Yes…I’ve gone from Warrior Princess to Yoda.
Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor, but
There is still a bright and a dark side to every stage of life.

When I was younger…I was totally into
Looking back…that attitude got me a lot of self inflicted injuries.
That mentality leads many of us to get hurt and
then gain back most of what we worked so hard to lose.

Now … that I look more like Yoda than Xena the Warrior Princess,
I am faced with the harsh reality that
My biggest victory is strength training my determination to
Get my Tush off the couch and pick up my dumbbells
So I can drop these pounds and slay those big numbers on the scale.
And since I avoid pain at all costs…I am not nearly as stupid as I once was.
I’m not as gun ho to work myself till I can barely move;
I prefer working a little harder every day and switching things
Around so that every part me gets a little stronger ...
maybe even a little better.
That's why I like the new SparkPeople Total Body Sculpting DVD.
It works for me.
I guess it’s true what they say…with age comes wisdom.

Food wise…I’m still struggling with my starch cravings.
I’m trying to finish off the parboiled rice I have left
{ I really love a little rice and beans}.
I stall my weight loss progress even limiting myself to 1 cup of rice a day,
And I need to remember that even beans are starch.
That’s just how starch sensitive I am.
I want to keep eating my bean based stews...
I'll cut back on all the other starches.

So I continue the weight loss battle And put up a good fight

May the force be with you
As well as the scale

Watched another great DVD (this one had subtitles)
A Canadian film directed by Deepa Mehta (2005)
examines the plight of a group of widows forced into poverty at a temple in the holy city of Varanasi. It focuses on a relationship between one of the widows, who wants to escape the social restrictions imposed on widows, and a man who is from the highest caste and a follower of Mahatma Gandhi.
Beautiful and touching.
The post script at the end makes you realize that the plight of women still exists.
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