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How Are You Handling the Holidays?

Friday, December 07, 2012

How am I handling the holidays this year? Some of my strategies:

Reminding myself all the reasons that living life at goal weight is very, very important to me. (Beck)
Reminding myself that I have lost weight at holiday time before (2008) and maintained several years including last year. I can do it!!
Eating very carefully (high fiber,enough protein, lots of water and freggies, careful on the calories) between parties and occasions.
Don't go to event hungry. Choose only the very best splurges in small amounts.
Remember it is a holiDAY not a holiWeek or holiMONTH!!

Share some of yours with me!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I started my serious weight loss journey on Dec. 14, 2009, so this will be my fourth Christmas time of being extremely careful about anything and everything I eat. Does it ever get any easier? I think so. At least I hope so.
    1867 days ago
    Great blog! I needed these reminders
    1868 days ago
    I've been contemplating this very thing, thanks so much for the strategies! HoliDAY, water, food scale -- Check! We're visiting my Mom in southern California so I'll be able to keep up with my Couch to 5k program. My Sees' candy strategy will be to only have my most favorite pieces, one per day, slow down and really savor it, and TRACK every morsel.
    1869 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Great ideas on the holidays. I like the focus on one day..not months!
    1869 days ago
    Thanks for the super plans, Marsha. I know they'll help a lot of us, if we follow them, too.
    1869 days ago
    Great strategies Marsha! Suzanne suggested a great one today. If you are tempted to indulge in a treat, make an agreement with yourself that you will look up the points for it before you put it in your mouth. I've done this on a regular basis and it has kept me on the straight and narrow. The shock of seeing how many points are actually in my favorite treats makes me want to use those same points to eat something that is better for my body. For people who aren't on Weight Watchers, you can look up the nutritional value and calories for the treat and decide if it is worth eating. One day I decided to have a chocolate soft serve DQ cone. I waited all week for it and when I sat down and took the first lick, I decided that it just wasn't as good as I had remembered it being. I decided that it wasn't worth the calories!
    1869 days ago
    My holiday gift to ME is: staying slim!! Yeah!!

    No matter how much "it" tastes good (for the moment) "it" doesn't feel good (around my middle, for way more than the moment).

    Now: to keep that in mind. Persistently.

    And keep on tracking.
    1869 days ago
    I lost 2.2 during Thanksgiving by refusing a big breakfast at the DIL's and only eating a little turkey, dressing and green beans at dinner, my favorites. So I plan that this year. Just 3 or 4 small bites of each of my favorities and I should be good to go. Thanks, Marsha for all your comments on my blogs. Your friendship means a lot and I do admire your determination and drive. emoticon
    1869 days ago
    Whine! I'm handling the holidays this year by not having them.

    I missed Thanksgiving dinner (on the road... ended up eating a little can of chicken salad with crackers), managed to bake the holiday cookies and get them ALL into the box for Afghanistan... and since then have opted out of the work eating occasions, except for one, and that one I ate very carefully, portions and choices both.

    I haven't invited anyone over, nor have I been nudged over to the Hannukkah gathers. So... I'm handling them by not having them, and reminding myself there is my best chance at being ready for a full marathon if I just "stay in training".

    Nothing tastes as good as thinking about crossing that finish line! emoticon
    1869 days ago
    Great advice! emoticon
    1869 days ago
    "Eating very carefully (high fiber, enough protein, lots of water and freggies, careful on the calories) between parties and occasions."

    This part is critical for me. It's so easy for me to let special holiday events turn into an eating fest that lasts a month or more. To combat that, I looked at my calendar and highlighted the days where I have special events. I've given myself permission to indulge on those days for the one meal. The rest of the time I have to stick to my normal plan. I used this strategy last holiday season with great success. I didn't feel deprived and had only a minimal gain come early January. I hope to make it through the same way this year!


    1869 days ago
    All good advice that I ry to follow. Thanks!
    1869 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Despite the fact that I own maintenance, I love your strategies, Marsha! In fact, I'm going to use them as well! Thanks for sharing and enjoy healthy!
    1869 days ago
    I'm staying super busy! That's my best defense any time!
    1869 days ago
    1870 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Well if I am stuck at home and not at Mom's, I eat really well and have no temptations. But I think she is planning one big meal on the 23rd for our family. As they are not on healthy choice diets, she gives them the full fat meal deals. We tried a salad once and we were the only ones having it, so it went a bit to waste as we couldn't eat it all before it spoiled :( I am just not getting any time off to visit her at all. I do miss walking the trails with her, even in the winter time.
    Great suggestions! Drinking water or eating a healthy snack before tucking into the big meal is one thing I would try. I also weigh and measure everything as she has a scale there. If you are visiting someone, the extreme would be bringing your own scale. I am no good at guesstimating, so I need a scale to make sure I get the right servings or at least make sure of the calories.
    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    1870 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I think this is ALL great information! So much so that I think I will tag along with you! You are great, Marsha!
    1870 days ago
    Looks good.
    1870 days ago
  • 62NVON
    So far, so good with food. We don't have many events to attend. However, everyone has been sick in my house including me, so my exercise is off-track. Hope to get back ON track tomorrow.!
    1870 days ago
    Since it is summer here, it is much easier to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. But I will definitely follow your advice and go to parties FULL (of the good, nutritious stuff!)
    Thanks for the blog!
    1870 days ago
  • MRE1956
    How am I "handling" holidays, you ask? Sinple - I REFUSE to HANDLE them AT ALL! Nope, no way, no how - not without a JOB!


    Just call me Ms. Grinch!
    1870 days ago
    Love your thoughts Marsha....good ones.
    Since we are stuck in Mexico and aren't able to travel up north to Pennsylvania this year it really won't seem like Christmas. So eating right won't really be a problem for me.
    1870 days ago
    Just because it is a holiday season, we tend to let
    ourselves go. I always drink water before an event
    in the hopes that it will curb my appetite. Seems
    to work for me!
    1870 days ago
    Your blog is right on. I especially loved
    " Remember it is a holiDAY not a holiWeek or holiMONTH!!"


    1870 days ago
    I like these suggestions. emoticon
    1870 days ago
    One day at a time
    1870 days ago
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