Day 347

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Today I had to face one of my biggest demons ~ cookies. I have not baked a batch of cookies since my SP journey began 347 days ago. It's my biggest weakness. I can pass up pie, cake, donuts, all kinds of stuff, but I always LOVED cookies. And....could I ever put 'em away. It was a shameless display. Our oldest son is in Thailand teaching English as a 2nd language and he appreciates all things made by hand, especially cooking from home. I thought he'd really like some of his favorite chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for Christmas. They don't even have a stove so they can't cook anything and I felt sure this would be a special treat for him. The problem would be me - could I finally do this - bake a whole batch, over 5 doz. of these wonderful cookies and not eat any of them. It was a big test, but I knew what it would mean to DS. I'd fight the battle with myself for his sake. Geez - what we're willing to do for our kids!! So I did it. The only thing I like better than the cookies is the raw batter. Well, I did eat just a bit of the raw batter, like 1/2 tsp., but I never ate one of those warm, right out of the oven cookies. In the morning we'll put them in food saver bags, suck the air out of them, box them up and off they'll go to the P.O. enroute to Thailand. I feel like the whole exercise was a big success. Went much better than expected and now I feel like I really do have this thing under control. I know I'm not the only one who battles with myself over the food intake thing from time to time in the face of temptation. I think it's just part of the journey. We have tests, we face them well prepared after months of learning how to win the battle, and we win. It was a very good day.

We had a great day here today. Sunny, chilly but not miserably cold. Great for hiking. Jetta & I did 8.56 miles today, including the big hill & the trail in the woods. She was a pill today!! Just full of herself. I love young, exuberant dogs so full of the joy of living. They're really fun. When they get elderly, I love them just as much. They have the wisdom of a life well lived and are so regal and beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope you had a wonderful Thursday and got a good workout in!! emoticon
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