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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ok Sparkerz,I overeat at night,closer or right at bedtime.I have gained OVER 25lbs in 3MONTHS from doing this! emoticon emoticon I am just depressed or somethin' from just not being with my fiancee'.I wanna LOSE not GAIN!!I wanna be skinny by Wedding,as you know it is October 5,2013!! emoticon emoticon

Does ANYONE know how to TRY to help me from eating at bedtime!?PLEASE!! emoticon
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    Thank you everyone!you guys and gals are soooo imspiring!THANK U AGAIN! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1417 days ago
    You are sooo not alone. Maybe a bedtime routine that doesn't involve food will help. I've been watching shows on my phone at bedtime and it keeps me occupied.
    1417 days ago
    the way I stopped my late night eating was to not keep junk food in the house. To replace that, I will make myself Fruit & veggie smoothies. I make a blender full, 2-3 fruits 1-2 veggies, soy milk, yogurt, whey protein powder mix, unsalted nuts, anything that catches my fancy and is healthy goes into the smoothie. I keep it in the fridge for several days and drink on it when ever I feel the urge to snack or binge. It will definately fill the empty space in your tummy. Most days, that's all I have is the smoothies and nothing else. However, if you are on a low carb diet, this is not for you. It is very high in carbs. Oh...I've also stopped watching tv at night to help me avoid the eating. Now, I get online, play a game, takes my mind off eating and keeps my hands busy.

    good luck!
    1419 days ago
    First-you aren't alone! Try to not keep anything worth snacking on around (rather,
    the things that draw you...healthy stuff you are not as likely to want to binge on).
    Try to workout at night-you won't be as tempted. And the hobby idea is great-as
    suggested knitting is a good one(have to use both hands)! Good luck!!!
    1419 days ago
    I have problems with the same thing, but it's getting better. One thing that worked for me is to make a streak chart. Give yourself so many points every night you don't over eat before bed, subtract points when you do. Then have rewards (non-food) for every so many points or every so many days in a row you succeed.
    1419 days ago
    I tend to do that a lot, but I'm careful with what I choose throughout the day, so overall I haven't gained anything, but I have not lost anything either. I keep a container of water in my room so every time I'm tempted I just drink some water. It works about half the time, but it's better than nothing.
    1419 days ago
    I started eating supper later in the evening, and that helped alot. I also plan a bedtime snack of some type of fruit or veggies, that way I get something, but I don't want to eat as much of it and I'm satisfied.
    1419 days ago
    There are a lot of good ideas so far. What I do is try to figure out why I'm snacking at that time. Did I eat enough during the day? Am I tired/stressed/frustrated/some other emotion/bored? Do I just feel the need to chew?

    If I didn't eat enough, then having a small snack may help, even ice cream in a small bowl. If I am tired, I'll go to bed. If I'm stressed, then I find something to do, like cleaning or taking a walk. If I really feel the need to chew, I'll air pop some white kernel popcorn, it tastes great with nothing on it and I can eat a ton of it without many calories.

    It sounds like you're stressed with all the wedding stuff. Perhaps writing lists of what needs to be done and who can help you do it will help you stop having as much stress.

    Pay attention during the day and make sure you've eaten enough to feel full at the end of the day. Good luck figuring out why you're eating so much at the end of the day!
    1419 days ago
    1419 days ago
    I have had the same compulsion.
    Sometimes I can stop it...sometimes not so much.
    I agree with some of the other posters that if you cannot break the habit cold turkey try for something less dangerous.
    I sometimes go for a few whole wheat saltines or a rice cake with fat free cottage cheese on top. To this I will shake on a little seasoning like and italian mix or cajun.
    Honestly it feels like naughty cheese spread on a craker with WAY less calorie and fat damage.
    Very satisfying and keeps me from doing worse.
    The trick is remebering to keep these things on hand.(something I have failed at lately)
    1420 days ago
    I knit avidly. it's a great distraction for my hands and brain. and couple that with Greys Anatomy or Private practice... then it's bedtime for me. I feel that I would choose an extra half hour of sleep over an extra snack recently...
    Also try and monitor what gets you going to the snacks, television? hanging out in the kitchen? talking on the phone? stress? get over that trigger and find a way to trick your brain. I read once that it only takes 15 days to break a habit, and in the grand scheme of things, 15 days is nothing!! good luck on your quest, and this is your time to be happy and shine!!! 10 months until wedding bells!!

    1420 days ago
    Drink a big cup of water, brush your teeth, and just go to bed. If you get the urge to eat while you are relaxing, just go to bed. You are probably just tired. That's the way it works for me anyway. I have the same problem!
    1420 days ago
    If you have to snack, try it with something that has very few calories, like air popped corn. I know that's the only thing I'll snack on during movies at home. Otherwise, put a sign in the fridge telling yourself to back off. Not ON the fridge. IN the fridge. or pantry or whatever. you could also try gum if you're just looking for something to occupy your mouth. (I'm an ex smoker, ex snacker, so I fully get the oral fixation issues) or stress balls if it's keeping your hands busy.
    1420 days ago
    I always just tell myself that I am going to bed and won't notice the hunger when I'm sleeping. I remind myself that when I wake up, I'll be eating breakfast. I know that doesn't work for everyone, but it has pretty much always worked for me.
    1420 days ago
    I do the same thing. I worked 2nd shift so it was easy for me to come home turn on the tv and snack just to relax after work. I know it put on the weight. Well now I haven't been working for the last 9 months due to office closing. I say it may be more depression and boredom on my part and it is so easy to grab something to eat.

    I've tried brushing my teeth to stop me from eating. Sometimes it helped and just willing myself not to eat. I agree, find a healthier snack if you are going to eat. Like the other person said she chews on ice and it makes her feel like she is eating something. I like chewing ice too because of that.
    1420 days ago
    Thats a hard one I do it also when I get home from work I usually am not really hunger just tried, bored, need to wined down, so if I'm being good I know this info is true so I have tea very sweet tea, I have veg with dip for the crunch, I brush my teeth, I read a blog , I put the big sign on the counter Losing weight is hard , living fat is hard, choose your hard, If i still can't make the choice that I know I really want (not to eat I'm not hunger, i'VE used all my calories for the day) I just drag myself off to bed. Why not sometimes none of these work and i just eat but I log it the next morning and than let it go because I know I use to do this everynight and now I don't Getting better not perfect. Find a visual that makes not eating more important than eating

    Because this is the truest statement of all

    If it important we find a way if not we find a excuse.

    Its hard is just an excuse find a way !! you can do it you are important!!!!!
    1420 days ago
    I like to eat something high in fibre but not something big.
    1420 days ago
    I totally agree that if you are hungry close to bedtime, it's ok to have a snack, but it needs to be one that is within your calorie range for the day and something healthy! It isn't about what time of day we are eating is what I've been told! I wish you the best with your goals and we are always here to help you! Have a blessed day! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1420 days ago
    I agree with saving some calories for it. It's like a bank account. If you have some extra left over & alloted for it, use it and don't feel guilty about it. Just make it a good choice.

    From what I gather, our bodies don't really care what time of day you eat. That is not the trouble. It is going over our alotted calories. And one day here and there of going over is okay but not on a continuous basis. That is when it all starts to add up.

    I do think though, that you need to draw the line somewhere, so not to mess with your body's circadian rhythms, so it has time to do all it needs to do. It needs that down time so it can do it's thing. We dont want to interrupt it with more food too late, so then it has to worry about digesting that.

    If it helps you sleep better, just make it a good choice that helps with sleeping. If it interferes with sleeping, you may just need to eat more at dinner.

    I do drink alot of water during the day, but I don't like to drink much in the evening, so I am not up all night going to the bathroom. Exercise would wire me up I am afraid. But it all works differently for everyone, so you just have to find what works best for you.

    For me, getting a grip on my hunger helped. Making good carb choices, good fat choices and fat fills me up but they need to be good choices. We have dinner around 6 or 7 and that is usually enough to get me through w/o a snack. But if I had to have one, I would look for something easy on the calories and also that might help me with sleep. But usually, I am not really hungry. Not really. Not a true hunger. I can usually ignore it and it goes away.

    1420 days ago
    If you are truly hungry, have a small snack or some hot tea to fill you up. If you're just being snacky, go to bed. Brush your teeth after your least meal (snack, dinner etc) and go to bed. It may be 30 minutes before your normal time, but you will save yourself some unnecessary calories. I have also implemented a 'no eating after 10 pm' rule for myself (or whatever time works for you). I do this because I know I am not truly hungry, it's just the pre-bedtime munchies. Hope this helps.
    1420 days ago
    Plan for a healthy, satisfying snack....maybe a smoothie, or some nuts or some peanut buttre in celery.

    1420 days ago
    All great suggestions from previous posters :) I espcially like ANDIBG's suggestion of doing a few crunches etc. ( I try to do them while commercials are on instead of mindlessly munching while watching TV, it drives hubz crazy as he tivo's everything so he doesn't have to watch commercials, hehe
    1420 days ago
    Gettting a hobby or drinking water instead of eating will probably help :)
    1420 days ago
  • BARB0863
    If there is fruit you really like why not try to snack on that at night? Or budget yourself a certain amount of calories for a late night snack and then figure what fits. I try to give myself about 200 calories.

    I love clementine oranges (mandarins), they are sweet, take time to peel and they give me something that I can eat and if I do overeat them at least I'm having fruit. I can have four medium sized ones for less than 200 calories.

    I also like the caramel flavored rice cakes, they have a great crunch and taste. One store brand is 45 calories, the other store brand is 50 calories and Quaker is 50 calories - that gives me 4 for my 200 calories.

    If you are missing your fiancée can you journal your feelings or write him letters? Maybe getting it out on paper could help.

    You'll get through this and congrats on your upcoming wedding.
    1420 days ago
    Something that I started doing - drinking lots of water and chewing on ice. When I chew on ice, it gives me the sensation of snacking....but it's just water!

    Another idea, if you feel hungry and you have tried everything, exercise! Do like 10 push-ups....or 50 crunches. Anything to take your mind off of it!

    I agree with finding a hobby as well. I know that when I crochet, I don't want to ruin what I'm making!
    1420 days ago
    I suggest a hobby. I knit which keeps me and my hands busy. Also, I wouldn't want to snack and ruin my yarn.
    1420 days ago
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