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Good news, bad news, and just news

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The bad news first.

I have had a very bad week with my eating. And it must be because I am stressed, even though it is GOOD stress. We are leaving Saturday for New Orleans and will leave on Sunday on a 7-day Caribbean cruise. BUT, what I've noticed, is I tend to throw my diet pretty much out the window the week or so before we leave on vacation. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

Well, I think part of it is STRESS. I've just been so busy trying to get everything done! And the other part, the more practical reason, is that I am always working to use up stuff in the refrigerator. So I'm NOT buying fresh fruits and veggies the week or so before we go. We're eating more meat, more potatoes, frozen veggies. Is that just an excuse? Probably!!

The good news:

I made an appointment to get weighed & measured at the fitness center -- the first time since the end of JUNE. I am not proud for crapping out of that excellent monthly accountability check, but there you have it. So I faced the music. All in all I am down three pounds from the end of June and my measurements are all smaller. In the past year I've lost nearly 30 pounds and 4 inches from my chest, 5 from my waist and belly, 4 from my hips and 1-2 from my biceps and thighs. So that's good! But now I've GOT TO KEEP PUSHING.

TC and I did the Power Pump class this morning with a substitute instructor and she kicked my @$$! The woman who weighed and measured me told me to bump up the weights so I did. But after 75 minutes of that we drove to Mt. Nebo and did 7.5 miles of hiking. My fitbit tells me I walked 23,706 steps and and went up 91 flights of stairs! So I'm a bit tuckered.

The "just news": I hiked for the first time with two poles. I've always thought it would be too cumbersome but I could NOT BELIEVE the difference. I was much more steady and sure-footed and the poles were a big help both climbing up and going down. TC and I just have cheapie poles from the local discount store so now we are going to invest in good quality poles for our major hikes coming up.

So that's it from my corner of the Spark universe. I'll blog tomorrow about my plan for hopefully minimizing cruise weight gain.
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