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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Big day for me, people. Rolled outta bed at 5:30am because THIS was going to be THE day.

Upstairs: Suit on, teeth brushed, contacts in, hair pulled back.
Downstairs: filled water bottle, grabbed gym bag, hopped in the car.
In Car: Fueled with caffeinated gel chews, gulped water.
Locker Room: Clothes off, towel on shoulder, grabbed goggles.

In the Pool:

One full hour of swimming with a break in between the first and second set of 20 lengths (500m) and between the second and third set of 20. Those energy gels made such a huge difference in my energy levels. I had no issues with my body until the final 5 minutes, when my foot suddenly cramped and I had to do backstroke with one leg kicking for half a length. Once I reached the end of the lane, though, it had worked itself out and I was fine for the last few minutes.

This was a great lesson for me, as I've never had anything like a cramp while swimming in the past. It was good for me to have to figure out what to do in that situation (better than on race day!). The cramp was so bad, I could not move my foot or leg at all or it would make it worse.

Other than this cramp, my body felt pretty amazing this morning. I had no stomach issues, no excessive thirst and no pain. In total, I finished 70 lengths in one hour, which works out to 1750m or 1.08 miles. SOOOO close to Half Ironman distance!!!! WOW! It was a great workout and I do not feel like I overdid it. Actually, hoping to repeat it tomorrow!

One side effect I've noticed after some delay...I was surprised to find that my legs are very achy (you know how they feel when they are just very tired?) It was a little shocking to me because I generally swim with everything in my upper body (in a triathlon race, you want to save your legs for the bike after the swim). I was not aware that my legs were playing such a big part in my swims. I will have to watch that from here on out. I think I do tend to kick more when I am getting tired...to subconsciously take pressure off of my arms and shoulders. I could definitely feel the burn in my shoulders this morning. It was wonderful!

I've still got spinning tonight after work. Yikes! That ought to be fun for my already tired legs. Then, weight lifting while my daughter is in martial arts later. Think I'll take it easy there, though. Pretty big day.

I am pretty sure I'm going to sleep GREAT tonight!!!!
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