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Thursday, December 06, 2012

The title of this blog says it all.

I drove all the way to my doc's office yesterday to see if my records were ready. Nope. Wasted gas and time.

I got a call today but they hung up before I could grab it (only rang once), so I drove back to my doc's office today to see if my records were ready. Nope. BUT, I did get to sit down and write my own letter that my doctor will put his name on and sign as no one has time to do it, and they wanted to make sure they covered all the bases that I needed covering. I did receive my drug test results so SSD can be assured that I am not smoking crack in the crack den in the living room, or snorting cocaine in the bathroom with the 80's hair band I keep in there, and I am not taking Xanax or Oxy with the pill heads on the grassy knoll out back. HAHA!

What the drug test DOES say is that I have only the suspected drugs that I am supposed to be taking in my system and that I am well within the legal range for said drugs. And now that I see the report, I wonder why it is so dang expensive to drug test someone! $466, but I only have to pay $50 to my doc every 3-4 months. Thank goodness for that!

Anyway, I had to write the letter myself and think I should get paid for that. Payment may come in the form of cookies, which I am threatening to bake, but may be too lazy to do. Or even... Nope, the Snickers Peanut Butter Squared that my parents bought me are gone... I ate 12 in 3 days. Maybe I should be drug tested for chocolate overdose!!

Thank you all for helping me through all of this. I know the record keeps playing the same old, boring tune, but I am so fed up now that I am maniacally laughing and getting to the point that I just don't care. I kind of have to let it go or it will eat a hole in my stomach by next Wednesday morning. BTW, I did binge on the Snickers and the Half-the-Fat ice cream Di brought into the house again as she was trying to make me happy.

Does anyone else have an issue with people getting all in your face AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN THE DOOR? I am sorry but I cannot stand that. I need to be able to put my stuff down, go potty and take a 5 minute breather. Then I can handle people and their questions and demands. But I just need 5 minutes... and I never get it. It's like me leaving the house and returning are akin to Christopher Columbus returning to Spain and everyone excitedly wondering what he found. I don't do anything exciting when I leave, so why flock around me like seagulls and start "caw-caw-ing"? Leave me the flock alone! HAHA

I love you guys! Stay warm, dry and healthy!

Peace, Love and DIY Letters from your Doc,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Payment for writing the letter... how about some awesome fitness/health things for your stocking?
    1777 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Our Dr.'s do charge for any papers they write or sign, but at least they WRITE them! Bizarre system you have there when you have to do it yourself!
    Paperwork's been driving me to snack. Nothing worse then finding a year's worth of reports totally AWOL and having to figure it all out again in order to compare this year's stats with last :( Add to that finding irregularities and realizing I had things wrong on certain things and had to redo and add up everything all again. Typing, math, paperwork and I do NOT get along. Cheese puffs and potato chips, my usual salty with my 90 % cocoa dark chocolate for some balance :P
    Sorry about your crowded life -nothing but dust bunnies & second hand smoke to greet me here :P
    Hope you have a more relaxing weekend.
    1778 days ago
    Girl, I know just what you mean about "leave me alone until I go potty and take a breath!" OMG! No one gets it, do they???

    God love you, Girl! I love you!

    1778 days ago
    At least we listen, right? Feel free to vent!
    1778 days ago
    BRAVO you!!!!!! I am so glad you were able to get that done. You didn't say whether the doctor actually signed it while you were there, so you could take straight to the attorney's office???? I hope that is how it worked out. So you aren't having to "wait" on a signature.

    And all the possible drug use possibilities.... you are a funny woman Angela! Very clever and very funny!!

    The only greeting I get when I walk in the door is Rufus (my cat) sitting at the end of the hall looking to make sure it is actually me and then he runs off. When I hit the living room to put my stuff down, then Zoe (the other cat) may lift her head a bit or open one eye as if to say... "oh it's you again, hello (BIG YAWN".... lol...
    1778 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    When I was married, I set the time on the stove when my hubby walked in the door. nobody said anything but "hi" when he entered, we waited for ten minutes until he did his ritual stuff and was all settled. Even after our divorce, he said that is one thing he loved so much and appreciated.
    1779 days ago
    I am in the same place you are with tired of playing and hearing the same old song over and over.
    1779 days ago
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