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Thursday, December 06, 2012

FINALLY! I finally get to post this vlog and share this super, duper, big SparkSecret Iíve had to keep for so long! I couldnít tell yíall until my little bit aired on SparkRadio this week.

Side note: Do you listen to SparkRadio? Itís really cool. Thereís a link to it from your start page; itís the orange box in the middle of the page. Itís nice, because you can listen to the whole episode, or individual segments. You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes. Thatís what I do. I like to listen to it on my phone while Iím in the car, or out walking.

So, I got to do a couple of segments on Episode 7 for SparkRadio this week. It was fun talking to the hosts, Karen and Lily. Theyíre really cool. We talked about my SparkPeople Cup song. Do you remember that vlog? Seems like so long ago!

Anyway, we talked about that and then I got to do a segment with SparkGuy. We talked about working together. See, Iíve been working on the new series of videos for SparkCoach. Strictly BEHIND the camera, I'm not actually in the videos. Iím NOT a SparkCoach. LOL. Iíve had the best time, getting to meet and shoot (with a camera, mind you) SparkCoaches Nicole, Becky, Jen and then, finally, the big man himself, SparkGuy.


Melinda (one of the awesome SparkPeople editors) and I flew out to California to shoot the SparkGuy segments. It was an amazing trip! We were in a beautiful part of the country and I got to see redwood trees for the first time. Bonus. Meeting SparkGuy and his family was so much fun. They are just as down-to-earth and sincere as I hoped they would be. They are walking the talk; believe me when I say that. I tried not to act all starstruck. Remember, Iím a SparkMember; Iím not on staff or anything. This was a really big deal to me, but I played it as cool as I could. I think SparkGuy only called me a SparkStalker once. Ha ha. Added Bonus, I got to meet their SparkPigs (guinea, that is), Vanilla and Pudding. And yes, they named Pudding after our lil guy. I wish I had taken a pic of me with the pigs. I totally forgot that. Cute little girls.

We filmed all the scripted SparkCoach stuff at his house, the first day. Then, the next day, we just shot a bunch of fun stuff. SparkGuy was such a good sport; he was willing to go with anything I threw at him. Hopefully, youíll see some of those fun little videos around the site soon. We even went hiking in the mountains with Mrs. SparkGuy, who is incredibly cool!

SparkRoyalty. :)

My copy of The Spark is on my iPad. I wasnít crazy about having SparkGuy Sharpie my screen, so he gave me a paperback copy. Hee hee.

SparkSwag ha ha

We had a great trip and Iím really excited about the videos coming out. (The Consistency ones are especially fun.) Iím just so glad I finally got to share this experience with my SparkBuddies!

Spark On!

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