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My Book Project - Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit by Drew Manning - Update 1

Thursday, December 06, 2012

So I have been reading this book, and for those who don't know, this book is about a personal trainer who purposely gives up his healthy diet and workout plan so that he can get inside the heads of his clients. I have hit the point in the book where he has gained about 75 pounds and is going to lose the weight.

So, he has cleaned his pantry of all the "criminal" food and it is Day 1 of his Fat2Fit Stage. Nearly hours into the first day, he catches himself slipping. He started his morning with a staple from his healthier days . . . a Spinach Shake. But the hunger pangs arrive hours later. He had anticipated hunger pangs, but not headaches from lack of his Mountain Dew. He was stressing that his snacks would not be sugar coated. He anticipated that the hardest part would be the exercise, as he was winded and out of shape. The struggle between what he should eat and what he wanted to eat was in the forefront.

Drew talks about all the television ads for dieting and exercise. He thankfully dispels one thing in his book that I have ALWAYS believed. While everyone says that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, the key to losing weight and keeping it off lies in what you eat. It is the most important factor in losing weight. So he shares that exercise helps, but it isn't the critical piece. He also says that you need an approach that takes into account that you will eat at restaurants, fall off the wagon and hit plateaus.

So he decided to forgo his personal training regiment and only do stretching and basic core exercises. He would change his nutrition first.

Another tip he gives, and I'll sum it up . . . change your routine so that when confronted with opportunities to make choices, you make the right ones. It's about making more right choices than wrong, and eventually, for me, it becomes habit. You have to keep it that way! You also have to plan to have healthy snacks. Did I say that already? I say that all the time!

My husband gets annoyed with me because instead of buying the large bags of baked healthy snacks, I will buy individual servings. The cost comparison is insane. But let's face it . . . they are convenient . . . they are portioned . . . they are perfect. If I take that larger bag and split it into smaller bags, there are a few factors to consider . . .

1) If you don't portion them out, then forget it . . . there is going to be an urge to just grab a handful as you walk through the kitchen. And it is not just me grabbing, it's the entire family. And grabbing a couple here and there adds up!

2) It's easy to weigh them when you want a serving, but also easy to grab a couple extra to snack on during the process.

3) I am not going to eat two bags of individual servings that are sealed by the manufacturer. The calorie content is right there on the bag, and I paid more money for it to be that way. But those little zip lock bags that I package are a different story. Sorry - it's true.

So as I tell my husband, the amount of extra snacking on the large bag is dangerous calorie-wise . . .and I'm not convinced that you don't spend more by the time you take into account all the extra snacking on an open bag.

Drew mentions the Boy Scout Motto . . . "Be Prepared." More often than not, you fall off the wagon when you are not prepared.

So my first take-away is to prepare some healthy meals for lunches. I'm writing this one down . . . let's see how far I get.

By the way . . . he also offers some recipes in the book! I'm a little terrified of the Spinach Shake, but the Mexican Chicken is looking doable!

Stay tuned . . .

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