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Something Worthwhile, Something Special....

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

I was going to blog about something that was probably pretty boring but then something really cool happened so you get to hear about the really cool rather than the boring blah blah blah I had planned.

It is looking like I will finally reach my goal of teaching a weight loss seminar. Earlier I had invited my trainer over to my house for breakfast and to just geek out on fitness for a while. He also wanted to check out my workout equipment and bike. He was impressed and we had a great time. We talked for a long time and I showed him my work on the blog series I had written sometime back. We really connected and he could tell I was very passionate about it.

Fast forward to today.

After my workout, I just made casual comment, mostly to myself, that I really want to teach a class. We talked in his office for a while and you could see the wheels turning. He is going to present it to the owner in a few weeks when she gets back. The good news is that the owner knows me from when she was a trainer at another facility where I got my start and knows my story already. She had been pulling on me for sometime to start training at her place as well. We have a pretty good relationship.

Deep down I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time. My job makes it nearly impossible to work as a trainer and that isn’t really my calling although I did earn a Personal Training certification a while back. What has always fascinated me is the psychological and motivational aspects of weight loss. I always seem to skip over the hum drum parts in a trainers certification guide and go right for the motivational stuff.

I know this is the right path for me, I feel it and know it to be so.

The framework of the seminar will be based on a blog series I wrote sometime back as detailed below…

The "Path To The Holy Grail" Series

Introduction to the Holy Grail

Emotional balance part 1 - journey to the center of the problem

Emotional balance part 2 - Relationship with the scale

Emotional balance part 3 - Self talk

Emotional balance part 4 - Realistic weight loss goals

Emotional balance part 5 - Independence And Passion.

Reprogramming The Reward Center

Recovering From Food Addiction

Response-ability- choosing your response...

Tentatively I plan on teaching the course around November or December of next year, then have support group type follow up for a few months to help people get through the rocky, early stages of their journey. Maybe do 2 classes a year. It doesn’t sound like much but when you figure the class time then the follow up support meetings, one class may take 6 months then they “graduate”.

I also was kicking around the idea of doing a video blog series based on this but am unclear as to how to put it together. It would be more of a presentation series complete with visuals rather than just me sitting in front of a web cam blathering on about the above material.

Still very much in the planning stages but I am really getting excited about it in the sense that I finally am developing an outlet for my creativity in this area. I really feel that this is a calling rather than just something I wanted to try. A calling is something that just comes to you as a general idea of something you would like to do and then, over time, the ideas, details develop and opportunities to express those ideas present themselves. It is said that a mans gift will make room for him. When it is really meant to be, the pieces have a way of falling into place. The door opens and you don’t have to knock very hard.

That is what I am feeling here.

I think something very cool will happen here. Something very worthwhile..
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