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Really Bad Day Today

Thursday, December 06, 2012

I wondered how long it'd take before I'd feel the effects of all that whacking on my back when I got choked the other day. It's been bothering me a little not too bad. That is until today!
Saturday I helped my Aunt clean out one of her closets that had my late uncle's clothes in it and a couple other places. Needless to say all that lifting and carrying of stuff outside made my lower back hurt. Not anything unusual and I can handle it with no problem. Put a little heat on it at night and take something for pain. A day or two of this and it's fine.
Monday, my son and I did all our grocery shopping. That was alot of shopping. Then carrying it all in the house and putting it up. Plus in order to put it up, I had to get on the step stool and clean out the cabinets and rearrange them to make everything fit. Long long day.
My Aunt and I were running errands on Tuesday. We went to lunch and I was feeling fine. We got to the grocery store and I barely made it out with the few groceries she had. Then we had other stops. By the time I got home my son and his friend had to help me with the couple of bags I had. I barely made it in the house.
So Wednesday rolls around. I got up feeling fine. I was working on the afghan I'm making for my best friend for Christmas. Hoping to get it done - didn't make it. Doing some laundry and changing the sheets on my son's bed. I think lifting up the mattress to tuck in the sheets is what finally did me in. I knew to take a break because my lower back was starting to hurt. What I didn't count on was all down my spine hurting so bad. I couldn't imagine why - then it hit me! All that beating my back against the wall when I got choked the other day was the cause. Tuesday was gorgeous in the 70s when my Aunt & I left to run errands. By the time I got home it was 50. I got cold enough to really make myself hurt.
I was in such pain when my son came in he was really concerned. He thought I was having a stroke or something. He did all the things you're supposed to do if you suspect a person might have a stroke. I passed them all. I told him that the reason I looked so bad was from my prior stroke and three episodes of bells palsy and that when I was in severe pain, it really showed.
Finally the heat and pain meds kicked in and I made a huge salad for supper and pork loin chops. My Aunt sent over some brown & serve rolls. I ate mostly salad. I felt ok for about four hours out of the last 24. I'm hoping tomorrow's better.
I'll just have to watch what I do for a few more days. I see my doctor next Thursday for my three month check up. This fall has been hard this year.
The good news is I did manage to take my dog for a very short 15 minute walk. I was dragging when I came in but I did get out for a little.
Take care everyone! Sending you love and hugs.
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